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What to Do With Your Degree

UT Resources 

Liberal Arts Career Services provides resources for career explorationapplication material and interview preparation, and job and internship searches. Students can also meet with a career coach to discuss specific goals and questions. 

Thinking about an MA or PhD program after graduation? Liberal Arts Career Services graduate school resources can help you learn more about liberal arts advanced degrees, prepare for an eventual application and navigate the application process. 

Interested in law school? Aspiring law students can find information on upcoming pre-law events, financial resources, UT Law Fair, and resources for researching law schools on through Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Career Engagement, available to all UT students, provides professional and graduate school planning resources

Our Majors Open Doors to a Variety of Career Paths


Art, Media, Entertainment: 
Translation and Interpretation; Journalism and Advertising; Public Relations; Publishing; Film Production

Translation and Interpretation; Linguistics; Foreign Service; Civil Service; Diplomacy; Immigration/Naturalization; U.S. Customs; Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community (local, state, FBI, CIA, DEA)

Business (International and Domestic): 
Logistics and Distribution Management; Patent Examination; Marketing; Sales; Public Relations; Corporate Law; Personnel Management; International Accounts Management; Recruitment; Analyzation; Technical Writing; Import/Export Firms; Commercial Aviation Industry

International; Labor; Environmental; Immigration; Intellectual Property; Business; Civil Rights; Criminal; Family; Health

Doctor; Nurse; Speech Pathology

Non-Profit and Social Services:
Community Engagement Coordination; International Aid/Development 

Travel and Tourism