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Coyote Shook

Doctoral Student
Coyote Shook



Disability studies, environmental humanities, blue humanities/ ocean studies, animal studies, speculative nonfiction, histories of environmental science, crip hauntology, swamp studies, literary studies, "Florida studies," sound studies and sonic landscapes, comics as research.


Coyote Shook is a cartoonist and PhD student in American Studies at the University of Texas, Austin. They have an MS in English Education from Fordham University, an MA in Gender Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a BA in English Literature and a BA in Gender Studies from Mercer University. They are a Fulbright Scholar (Poland, 2014) and an alumnx of Teach For America (New York City, 2012). 

Their research is a comics-and-sound study of environmental history, disability, and eco-capitalism in Florida. More broadly, they're interested in eco-crip analysis and re-imagining images and sound as tools for environmental humanities and critical disability studies research. Favorite previous projects have included a study of the Butter Cow and the Eugenics Movement at the 1911 Iowa State Fair, a comics/sound visual novel of New England ecologies and disability in the private writings of Anne Sexton, an analysis of disability and eco-horror in the works of Willa Cather and Laura Ingalls Wilder, a "crip gastronomy" analysis of the Foxfire Project, and an analysis of race, health, and foodways in the Home Economics movement in the Hawaii and Alaska Territories in the early 1900s. 

Their work has recently appeared in the Wisconsin Review (2017), North Carolina Folklore Journal (2019), The SHGAPE Influenza Project (2020), The Puritan Literary Magazine (2021), North Dakota Quarterly (2021), Honey Literary Magazine (2021), and The San Antonio Review (2021). Their debut graphic novel, Coyote the Beautiful, was the 2020 Leiby Chapbook Contest with The Florida Review.  

Outside of academia, they enjoy cartooning, sky-diving, taking depression naps, kayaking, archery, being a sanctimonious vegetarian, and cooking. They are also a sustainable farming and agriculture enthusiast and have won blue ribbons from the State Fair of Texas in home-cooking.


AMS 311S • Intro To The Sunshine State

31825 • Fall 2021
Meets MWF 11:00AM-12:00PM BUR 436A

This course traces cultural history and memory of America’s undisputed weirdest state: Florida. Using historical articles, folklore, books, movies, true-crime stories, travel magazines, cookbooks, television shows, and music albums, we will trace the peculiarities of the Sunshine State as it transformed from fetid, gator-infested swamplands to the epicenter of American tourism in the late 20th century.

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