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After the recent changes to our semester structure and the rapidly changing health situation in the country, we wanted to provide a brief update on our services for the near future.  

1. In order to adhere to the social-distancing guidelines strongly suggested by the University, 


This also means that phone calls to our office will not be answered. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY MESSAGES ON OUR PHONE.

2. All advising from this point forward will be conducted through e-mail and ZOOM only. We will only be advising for Summer & Fall 2020 Registration, and URGENT Concerns.

EMAIL: We will be doing as much advising via email as possible; please contact your assigned advisor directly through email for any advising issues or questions that you may have. You can find your assigned advisor on the righthand side of this page. Please be patient waiting for a response as we expect email traffic to pick up in the coming days. 

Please be sure to include your UT EID in ALL email correspondence.

ZOOM Appointments: For instructions on how to create your ZOOM account, click here:

Anything that cannot be resolved via email will be an appointment via ZOOM; you will schedule your appointment on setmore here: 

3. Your advisor will schedule and host the ZOOM appointment. You are expected to have any and all materials you need available to you, including your degree audit.

4. College procedures (Q-drop a class, change class to pass/fail) are being revised to accommodate the unprecedented situation of social distancing due to COVID-19. While these are done in the Dean’s Office in Gebauer (GEB), we anticipate adapting to an online process soon.

Is there any change in policy regarding students dropping the course (Q-drops) or opting for Pass/Fail status?

Yes, students will be given until the last class day to Q-drop a course or to change their status to Pass/Fail (Credit/No Credit at the graduate level), overriding existing deadlines. Note that all Q-drops will be treated as “substantive, non-academic course drops,” which means that they won’t count against the maximum of six allowed Qs.


Read ALL emails from the university & check here in case the deadline is changed or the process is updated.

Thank you for being patient during this period of uncertainty. Our office will be sure to keep you updated with any new developments, but this policy will be in effect until further notice. Please visit the University’s COVID-19 website to view the most up-to-date information provided by UT. 

American Studies Undergraduate Advising is:

  • the place to go to explore American Studies as a major
  • for degree-planning for current majors
  • to get more information about AMS Departmental Honors
  • to discuss post-graduation plans
  • a place to get support during your undergraduate journey
  • as well as to find out about American Studies courses and faculty

Undergraduate Advisor: 

Summer Cacciotti
Location: BUR 436F
Hours: 8am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday, closed noon to 1
Phone: 512-232-6851
You can set appointments online by using Setmore.

Faculty Advisor:

Cary Cordova, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, Honors Advisor

Advising Audits

One of the best tools for advising is an advising audit. This is a computer-generated list of all your classes, as they apply to your degree plan. They are available anytime with a 24 hour advance notice.

You may also create and view your audits online using IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit. This option is available at all UT computers which have utACCESS, and you may also access IDA via ROSE.

Advising Bars

As an American Studies major, you will have an advising bar placed on your record when either of the following conditions exist:
  • You are new to the major
  • You are on scholastic probation or have more than one major (the other major may place the bar)
Advising bars are not disciplinary measures! They are simply a tool we use to ensure students who can best benefit from advising actually take the time to come into our office. Advising bars are placed on your record just before registration. To get an advising bar removed, you must come in person for advising in our office (we will not remove a bar over the phone).

Academic Advisor

Summer Cacciotti
Location: BUR 436F
Hours: 8am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday, closed noon to 1
Phone: 512-232-6851
You can set appointments online by using Setmore.

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