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This Fall semester, the department is piloting a new class concept for GRG 336 National Parks & Protected Areas. From Human wildlife conflicts to the role of woman in conservation, Dr. T Meyer features topics and problems from Botswana while students assess how these issues play out in the United States and other parts of the world. By the use of online lectures, self-recorded videos and life Q&A sessions, we try to bring the world to our campus. This last section was all about the role of science in conservation and it's connection to species conservation in particular. There was a lot to discuss with Dr S. Bourquin, from Crocodiles to what we should be focusing on in conservation, the role of keystone species in the context of ecosystem functioning and last but not least some advice for students. Tsamaya sentle, Good bye, auf Wiedersehen.....Thanks to my students for being such an engaged audience.

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