Department of Geography and the Environment

Claire Fitch

MSc Human Geography, University of Amsterdam. BA Sociology, Tulane University., University of Texas, Austin

Doctoral Student
Claire Fitch



Virtual reality, human-environment relationships, human-technology interactions, media and remediation, relational space, non-representational geography, more-than-human geography, post-phenomenology


My research is interested in the ways our understandings of 'nature' are affected by the technologies we use in its representation. I look at how experiences of ‘nature’ in virtual reality (VR) provide a novel arena for the contemplation, (re)negotiation, and enactment of human-environment relationships. This research centers the spatial dimension of users’ embodied experiences in virtual ‘nature’ environments, contextualizes this within a broader consideration of contemporary material human-environment relationships, and considers the overlap of the two as a dynamic and central geographic question of the Anthropocene epoch.

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