Department of Geography and the Environment

Sara Eshleman

B.S. Environmental Biology, Georgetown University, M.A. Geography and the Environment, UT Austin

PhD Candidate
Sara Eshleman



Biogeography, human-environment interactions, spatial analyses, remote sensing of tropical environments


Sara Eshleman is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research involves the long-lasting impacts of humans on environments with research focused in northern Central America. She uses remote sensing and field studies to examine the lasting impact of the ancient Maya in Belize. She is particularly interested in how forest composition and structure vary with past human presence and activities. Towards these ends, she uses airborne lidar imagery and directed fieldwork that assesses trees, soils, water, and microclimates. She actively conducts research in the Soils and Geoarchaeology Lab in the Department of Geography. In Belize, she collaborates with the Maya Research Program and Programme for Belize Archaeological Project.

Sara completed her master’s thesis in the Department of Geography and the Environment at UT Austin, entitled “Soil characteristics associated with cohune palm (Attalea cohune) forests.” She received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from Georgetown University in 2013. During and directly after her undergraduate career she assisted the Shark Bay Dolphin Research Project in both Washington, DC and Monkey Mia, Western Australia. She has previously worked with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the World Wildlife Fund. Starting in 2012, she assisted Tim and Sheryl Beach with their seasonal fieldwork in Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala, which brought her to UT Austin in 2016 for graduate work. Sara is a National Geographic Young Explorer, an NDSEG fellow, a Lewis and Clark Field Scholar, as well as the recipient of multiple field and travel grants.


GRG 410C • Spatial Data And Analysis

36785 • Spring 2022
Meets TTH 12:30PM-2:00PM SZB 2.418

Fundamental concepts in spatial data acquisition, analysis, and presentation, with emphasis on the needs of professionals in cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing.

Designed to accommodate 35 or fewer students.

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