Department of Geography and the Environment

Minor Requirements for Geography

The following information is related to the minor requirements for students who are Geography majors.

If you are looking into getting a minor in Geography, the department does not currently offer a transcript-recognized minor. Please consult your department advisor for clairfication about what your degree's minor requirements entail and whether Geography is an option. 

For students pursuing the 14-16 catalog or earlier:

  • Complete 12 semester hours in any one field of study other than geography. It is recommended that the minor reinforce the student's chosen track. Keep in mind that some academic subjects may be more difficult than others to get coursework in due to prerequisites or class restricitions. Students should discuss their minor selection with the academic advisor. 
  • At least 6 of the minor hours must be upper division. 
  • At least 6 of the minor hours must be taken in residence at UT Austin. 
  • All 12 hours must be taken for a letter grade.

For students pursuing the 16-18 catalog: 

  • Department of Geography and the Environment

    The University of Texas at Austin
    305 E. 23rd Street
    CLA building, main office- CLA 3.306
    Austin, TX 78712