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Incoming transfer students can declare Urban Studies as their major when applying to UT Austin.

Current UT Austin students must be admitted to the Urban Studies major. In order to apply to the Urban Studies major, students must complete the following Math requirements, with the appropriate grade based on their catalog:

Calculus - M 408K, M 408C, M 408L, M 408N, M 408R, M 403K or other approved course

Statistics - SDS 301, SDS 302, SDS 304, SDS 305, SDS 306, SDS 328M, M 316, SOC 317L, STA 309, EDP 371, M 358K or other approved course

  • 2016-18 Catalogs and later (16-18, 18-20, 20-22): C+ or better in each 
  • 2014-16 Catalog: B- or better in each

If students have other Calculus or Statistics courses that they would like considered for these Math requirements, they should speak with the URB Advisor about the petition process.

Application Process:

1. Schedule an advising appointment with the URB Advisor.

2. Complete both of the above Math requirements with the approriate grade for your catalog, before the fall semester of the student's junior year.

3. Complete and submit an application to the URB Advisor during an advising appointment.

4. If approved, enroll in URB 301 no later than the fall semester of the student's junior year.

  • Students who have not completed both Calculus and Statistics by the fall semester of their junior year should consider other majors (as they will not have time to complete the Urban Studies core sequence, on this timeline). 

NOTE: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and students can apply at any time, once they have completed the math prerequisites. However, the Urban Studies major has a number of required, sequential courses, including those that are only offered once per year. For planning purposes, it is recommended that prospective students meet with the URB Advisor as early as possible, even if they have not yet completed the math prerequisites.

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