Department of Geography and the Environment

Degree Requirements


The core Urban Studies sequence consists of four required, sequential courses:

URB 301/GRG 307C  Introduction to Urban Studies (fall only)

  • Prerequisites: None.

URB 315 Urban Studies Research Methods (spring only)

  • Prerequisites: URB 301, Statistics.

URB 360 Internship and Service Learning (fall only)

  • Prerequisites: URB 301, URB 315.

URB 370 Senior Project

  • Prerequisites: URB 301, URB 315, URB 360.

Since these courses are only offered once per year, students need to plan to spend at least two years completing the Urban Studies major.

Additional URB major requirements include:

Calculus and Statistics (see course options here)

12 additional hours of upper-division coursework in Urban Studies



Minor requirements will vary by degree catalog. Please consult with your advisor for details.


Degree Plans:

You can view recent Urban Studies degree plans on the Liberal Arts Degree Plans webpage.

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