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Q Drops, Withdrawals, & COVID-19 Pass/Fail

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Questions About URB Courses

  • Can I register for URB 301 as a non-major?  Initially, all seats in the fall-only URB 301 class will be reserved for currently declared Urban Studies majors only. Until this time, all non-majors should look for available seats in our non-restricted crosslist, GRG 307C.
    • Pending availability, we may be able to open some seats to non-majors on the final days of the April registration cycle. We will release these “open” seats directly to the course schedule, as they become available.
    • Any remaining open seats will be released to non-majors during the late summer registration period (July and August).
  • If I am applying for internal transfer, can I register for URB 301 now?  See above.
  • Can I take an upper-divison URB class as a non-major?  Initially, the seats in all of our upper-division course offerings will be reserved for currently declared Urban Studies majors only.
    • Any remaining upper-division seats will be released to non-majors during the add/drop period in late August (prior to/during the first week of fall classes).
    • However, all of our upper-division course offerings are also crosslisted with other departments across campus. There may be open, unrestricted seats in your desired course, if you check in with the crosslisted department.
  • Will there be an exception, if I can count this course for my own major/minor/certificate, etc? Unfortunately, to preserve seats in URB classes for our own majors, no exceptions can be made. You may still register for any of our reserved classes through their unrestricted crosslists.

Advising Appointments


To schedule an advising appointment for Summer and Fall 2021 registration, please check your inbox for our URB registration e-mail/newsletter (sent on Friday 4/2; contains Calendly appointment scheduling link and other important details and information).


During the busy registration advising period, our office is only available to meet with currently declared Urban Studies majors. Any prospective internal transfer students should review the information on our Internal Transfer Admissions page, for more information on how to declare the major.

After the current registration period has ended, our advisors will once again become available to discuss our major with prospective internal transfer students. You can feel free to reach back out to our office (using the front desk contact info provided on our Advising page) starting in May. We appreciate your patience!

Thank you for your interest in our Urban Studies program at UT Austin! Prior to being admitted to UT Austin, our Office of Admissions will be your primary contact. While you are waiting to attend your orientation session, some of the links below may be particularly helpful to our future Longhorns. We can’t wait to meet you—and hook ‘em!

Liberal Arts Prospective Students
Urban Studies Major Overview
Campus Visits
Course Transferability and Transfer Guides
Credit by Exam


If you are ready to apply for a minor or certificate, you can submit your request online using the Minor/Certificate Inventory System. After submitting your request, you’ll receive a message about meeting with your advisor for “additional steps” to finish the process. This step can be taken care of at any time—feel free to let us know you’ve submitted this request when we meet for registration advising, or simply shoot us an e-mail after registration has ended!

Q Drops, Withdrawals, & COVID-19 Pass/Fail

Q DROPS OR WITHDRAWAL (Deadline: May 11)

If you are already sure that you’d like to Q drop a particular course (or withdraw from the semester entirely), you will need to visit the Student Division Live Chat to initiate your request.

This link takes you to a virtual chat session with the Liberal Arts front desk, where you can get in line to talk with a Student Division advisor. The dean’s office advisors will be able to initiate any Q drops or withdrawal processes for you, as well as talk it through with you!

COVID-19 PASS/FAIL (Deadline: May 28)

If you are already sure that you’d like to use one or more of your Covid Pass/Fails (applicable to Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 courses), you may do so yourself online! Simply select “COVID-19 Pass/Fail Exception Request” through the Registrar Documents Submission website.

Looking for more information about Covid Pass/Fail before making your decision? Check out Texas One Stop's FAQ. We can also discuss this during your registration advising appointment (or plan for a longer conversation once registration has ended, later in May).

Helpful Registration Info and Links

Registration Information Sheet (RIS) (Your access times, registration bars, etc)
Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) (Get a report of your progress towards your degree!)
Course Schedules (Summer and Fall course offerings)
Course Planner (Scheduling tool)
Registration Portal (Sign up for courses at your given access time!)
University Core and Liberal Arts Course Lists
Liberal Arts Course Descriptions
Course-Instructor Survey (CIS) Results
Search for Past Syllabi

Claim Credit by Exam
Sign Up for Placement Tests (Texas Government, Foreign Language, etc)
Automated Transfer Equivalency (ATE) (See how Community College courses will transfer!)


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