Graduate Education

College of Liberal Arts

Associate Dean Jason Abrevaya

Across 34 programs and areas of study, graduate students pursuing Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in the College of Liberal Arts enjoy high-quality instruction, cutting-edge research training, and professional socialization that set up a diverse array of career pathways. Working alongside expert faculty, our graduate students enjoy extensive opportunities to develop as scholars who can make significant contributions to the state of knowledge about a range of important and timely topics. The Graduate Education Office provides support to graduate students on their journeys, including but not limited to distributing fellowships funds and travel awards, managing policies governing academic and employment activities, organizing career services, acting as a liaison between students and the Graduate School, and supporting applications for external funding for research and study.

As students, researchers, teaching assistants, assistant instructors, and research assistants, graduate students play a crucial role in the mission of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Graduate Education Office is here to serve them.