Parents Council

The College of Liberal Arts Parents Council is a vital part of the College’s success. The Council promotes the recognition, well-being, progress, and success of the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin by assisting the Dean, Development Team, and College faculty and administrators in securing philanthropic support for the College’s students, faculty, and programs, as well as championing College strategies and priorities by providing strong leadership and guidance.

The Council will achieve its purpose through a membership of diverse individuals whose leadership and accomplishments bring credit to the College and who individually and collectively:

  • Engage with College leadership, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends to broaden knowledge, understand university/college procedures, and to be an informed ambassador to their communities.
  • Inform College leadership of personal anecdotes, experiences, current trends, events, potential connections, and issues that may influence, enhance, and guide the good work of the College.
  • Promote College priorities, accomplishments, and future plans and needs among their communities and across the state, nation, and beyond.
  • Encourage private philanthropy as a means to enhance public support to enact the Dean’s vision and fulfill the College’s mission.

Liberal Arts Parents Council 

Joyce and Steve Sandweis, Chairs

Leila Al-Hakam and Matias Adrogue

Laura and Steve Beuerlein

John and Jessica Bowlin

John and Kory Cummings

Adrienne and David Draper

David and Cindy Eigen

Elizabeth and Eric Gambrell

Lisa and Neil Goldberg

Katherine and Matthew Kardesch

Andrew and Gretchen McFarland

Melissa and Robert Hoodis

Bill and Shawn Jackson

Robin and Steve Kamin

Chau Nguyen

Brooke and Corbin Robertson

Melanie and Howard Rubin

Andrew and Aurily Sandler

Karen and Steven Seltzer