Humanities Institute

Funding Partners


Support for the Humanities Institute is provided by the following endowments:

Dr. Paul and Ms. Mary Ho Distinguished Lecture in China Studies
Viola S. Hoffman and George W. Hoffman Lectureship in Liberal Arts and Fine Arts
Sterling Clark Holloway Centennial Lectureship
Barron Ulmer Kidd Centennial Lectureship
Stiles Professorship in the Humanities

Grant Support

The Humanities Institute would like to recognize the financial support of the following organizations:

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, through the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Ford Foundation
Woodrow Wilson Foundation
The Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation
Austin Community Foundation
Humanities Texas
Jeanie and Don Murff Fund
KDK-Harman Foundation
Sooch Foundation
Webber Family Foundation

2020 Donors

The Humanities Institute would like to recognize the generous support of the following individuals who have contributed to the ongoing growth of the Institute:     

Sustaining Donors

Gregory L. Hemphill, M.D., and Brenda B. Hemphill
Rebecca L. Teng, M.D.
Thomas Vetter, M.D., and Imelda Vetter

Director's Circle

Phillip J. Barrish, PhD
Patrick L. Brockett, PhD, and Linda L. Golden, J.D., PhD
Russell Lee Brockett
Jill C. Burrow
Evan B. Carton, PhD
Cynthia G.S. Franklin, PhD
Linda L. Golden, PhD
Kathleen M. Higgins, PhD
Hassan Majd
Nancy T. Neavel
Gerit Quealy
Pauline T. Strong, PhD, and Barrik Van Winkle
Martha K. Ward
Kaye E. Wilkins, M.D.

Friends of the Humanities Institute 

Deandrea N. Alexander
Judith G. Coffin, PhD
Mary E. Cunningham-Kruppa, PhD
Jenifer O. Flaxbart
Madeline Y. Hsu, PhD
Daniel Kevin Ng
Judith A. Rhedin
Nancy M. Schiesari
Bartholomew H. Sparrow, PhD
Harriet T. Strong
Elliot J. Trester, M.D.

Past Donors

Robert H. Abzug, PhD
Gemma Ainslie, PhD
Shirley Dean Arend, J.D.
Phillip J. Barrish, PhD
Grace Carrie Barron, M.D.
Nancy M. Biggs
Patrick L. Brockett, PhD
Ming Burdett
Evan B. Carton, PhD
Kirsten Cather Fischer, PhD
Wenhong Chen, PhD
Elizabeth Cullingford, PhD
Mary E. Cunningham-Kruppa, Ph.D.
Donna DeCesare
Jeremey Donnelly-Rutledge
Deliana Garcia
Linda L. Golden, PhD
Vivé Griffith
Theodore N. Held, M.D.
Gregory L. Hemphill, M.D., and Brenda B. Hemphill
Kathleen Higgins, PhD
Hillary Hutchinson
Andrew Hurley, Ph.D.
Paul Ho, PhD and Mary Ho
Carolyn and Paxton Howard, M.D.
Paula L. Kothmann
Gloria Lee
Matthew Lynaugh
Kellye Mireles
Nancy T. Neavel
Caroline O'Meara, PhD
David Oshinsky, PhD
H. W. Perry, Jr., PhD
Judith Rhedin
David Ring, M.D., Ph.D.
Sahotra Sarkar, PhD
Stephen Sonnenberg, M.D., and Dale Sonnenberg
Pauline T. Strong, PhD, and Barrik Van Winkle
Madeline C. Sutherland-Meier, Ph.D. 
Rebecca L. Teng, M.D.
Bernice Torregrossa
Alexandra Wettlaufer, PhD
Ed Zschau, Ph.D.

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