Humanities Institute

Humanities Institute Faculty Fellows

The Humanities Institute fosters interdisciplinary research among UT faculty from a wide variety of colleges and disciplines. Since its founding, HI has hosted faculty from fields as diverse as Communications, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, the Natural Sciences, Business, Pharmacy, Architecture, Information, Law, and Social Work. Please see below for a list of past HI faculty affiliates.

College of Communication


Lucy Atkinson, Advertising & Public Relations (Fall 2015)

Geraldine Henderson, Advertising (Spring 2006)

LeeAnn Kahlor, Advertising (Spring 2008)

Brad Love, Advertising (Spring 2009)


Lisa Bedore, Communication Sciences and Disorders (Spring 2008)

Larry Browning, Communication Studies (Fall 2003)

Dana Cloud, Communication Studies (Spring 2002) (Fall 2006)

Shiv Ganesh, Communication Studies (Fall 2021)

Madeline Maxwell, Communication Studies (Fall 2019)

Matthew McGlone, Communication Studies (Spring 2006)

Elizabeth Peña, Communication Sciences and Disorders (Fall 2007)

Keri K. Stephens, Communication Studies (Fall 2017)

Scott R. Stroud, Communication Studies (Spring 2019)


Mary Angela Bock, Journalism (Spring 2015)

Donna De Cesare, Journalism (Fall 2015)


Charles Ramirez Berg, Radio-Television-Film (Spring 2004)

Wenhong Chen, Radio-TV-Film (Spring 2015)

John Downing, Radio, Television, Film (Fall 2002)

Mary Celeste Kearney, Radio-Television-Film (Spring 2007)

Samantha Krukowski, Radio-Television-Film (Spring 2008)

Shanti Kumar (Fall 2012)

Madhavi Mallapragada (Spring 2012) (Spring 2017)

Nancy Schiesari (Spring 2012)

Suzanne Scott, Radio-Television-Film (Spring 2019)

Paul Stekler Radio-Television-Film (Fall 2019)

Janet Staiger, Radio-Television-Film (Fall 2005)

College of Education

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Joan Hughes, Curriculum & Instruction (Fall 2015)

Allison Skerrett, Curriculum & Instruction (Spring 2015)

Department of Educational Administration

Patricia Somers, Educational Administration (Fall 2015)

Patricia Somers, Educational Leadership and Policy (Fall 2019)

School of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Brian Korgel, Chemical Engineering (Fall 2015)

Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering

Ben Hodges, Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering (Spring 2021)

College of Fine Arts


Sarah Canright, Painting (Fall 2008)

Margo Sawyer, Sculpture (Fall 2004)

Art History

George Flaherty (Fall 2012)

Andrea Giunta, Art History (Fall 2009)

Julia Guernsey (Spring 2012)

Linda Henderson, Art History (Spring 2004)

Gloria Lee, Art and Art History (Spring 2015)

Beili Liu, Art & Art History (Spring 2021)

R. Eric McMaster, Art and Art History (Fall 2021)

Jeffrey Meikle, American Studies and Art History (Fall 2005)

Nassos Papalexandrou, Art History (Fall 2009)

Susan Rather, Art History (Spring 2017) 

Ann Reynolds, Art History (Spring 2006) (Spring 2019)

Jeff Smith, Art History (Spring 2005)

Butler School of Music

James Buhler, Music Theory (Fall 2003)

Lorenzo Candelaria, Musicology (Fall 2004)

Elizabeth Crist, Musicology, Chair of the Center for American Music (Spring 2004)

Veit Erlmann, Ethnomusicology and History of Music Chair (Fall 2001) (Fall 2012)

Phil Ford, Musicology (Fall 2006)

Eugene Gratovich, Violin Studies (Fall 2012)

David Hunter, Fine Arts Library and Musicology (Spring 2012)

K. M. (Kay) Knittel, Musicology (Fall 2007)

Karl Hagstrom Miller, History and School of Music (Spring 2007)

Luisa Nardini, Musicology (Fall 2017)

Caroline O'Meara, Musicology (Spring 2010)

Sonia Seeman, Ethnomusicology and Middle Eastern Studies (Fall 2007) (Spring 2010) (Fall 2019)


Kate Catterall, Design (Fall 2005)

Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Design (Fall 2001)

Theatre and Dance

Charles O. AndersonTheatre and Dance (Spring 2019)

Charlotte Canning, Theatre and Dance (Fall 2003)

Amparo Garcia Crow, Theatre and Dance (Spring 2002)

Jill Dolan, Theater and Dance (Spring 2005)

Lynn Miller, Theatre & Dance (Fall 2002)

Sara Simons , Theatre and Dance (Fall 2019)

Stacy Wolf, Theatre and Dance (Spring 2006)

College of Liberal Arts

Department of African & African Diaspora Studies

Lyndon K. Gill, African & African Diaspora Studies and Anthropology (Fall 2015)

Xavier Livermon, African & African Diaspora Studies (Spring 2015)

Minkah Makalani, African & African Diaspora Studies (Fall 2015)

Lisa B. Thompson, African & African Diaspora Studies (Fall 2017)

Shirley Thompson, American Studies and African & African Diaspora Studies (Spring 2007) (Fall 2015)

Pavithra VasudevanAfrican and African Diaspora Studies (Fall 2021)

Department of American Studies

Robert Abzug, History, American Studies (Fall 2004)

Alex Beasley, American Studies (Spring 2021)

Janet Davis, American Studies and History (Spring 2008)

Neil Foley, History and American Studies (Spring 2002)

Tiffany Gill, History and African & African Diaspora Studies (Fall 2006)

Nhi Lieu, American Studies, Asian American Studies (Spring 2006) (Spring 2012)

Julia Mickenberg, American Studies (Fall 2008) (Fall 2019)

Shirley Thompson, American Studies and African & African Diaspora Studies (Spring 2007) (Fall 2015)

Department of Anthropology

Kamran Ali, Anthropology (Fall 2003) (Fall 2009)

Craig Campbell, Anthropology (Spring 2015) (Fall 2021)

Jason Cons, Anthropology (Spring 2021)

João H. Costa Vargas, Anthropology (Spring 2009)

J. Brent Crosson, Anthropology and Religious Studies (Spring 2017)

Richard Flores, Anthropology/Paredes Center (Fall 2002)

Charles Hale, Anthropology and Latin American Studies (Fall 2002)

John Hartigan, Anthropology (Spring 2008)

Hi'ilei Hobart, Anthropology (Spring 2021)

Ward Keeler, Anthropology (Fall 2008)

Sofian Merabet (Spring 2012)

Marina Peterson, Anthropology

Denné N. Reed, Anthropology (Spring 2010)

Suzanne Seriff, Anthropology (Spring 2009) (Spring 2019)

Kathleen Stewart, Anthropology (Spring 2015)

Pauline Strong, Anthropology and Women's & Gender Studies (Fall 2001) (Fall 2005)

Department of Asian Studies

Kirsten Cather, Asian Studies (Spring 2010)

Oliver Freiberger, Asian Studies (Fall 2008)

Heather Hindman, Asian Studies and Anthropology (Fall 2012)

Syed Akbar Hyder, Asian Studies, Islamic Studies (Fall 2004)

Youjeong Oh, Asian Studies (Spring 2019)

Robert Oppenheim, Asian Studies (Spring 2006)

Martha Ann Selby, Asian Studies (Spring 2004)

Nancy Stalker, Asian Studies (Spring 2005)

Department of Classics

Deborah Beck, Classics (Fall 2019)

Pramit Chaudhuri, Classics (Fall 2019)

Karl Galinsky, Classics (Fall 2001)

Thomas Hubbard, Classics (Spring 2007) (Spring 2010)

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov, Classics (Spring 2019)

Thomas Palaima, Classics (Spring 2002)

Adam Rabinowitz, Classics (Spring 2021)

Department of Economics

Niles Hansen, Economics (Spring 2002)

Department of English

Samuel Baker, English (Fall 2007) (Fall 2019)

J.K. Barret, English (Spring 2015)

Phillip J. Barrish, English (Spring 2017)

Joanna Brooks, English (Fall 2004)

Mia Carter, English (Spring 2015)

Elizabeth Cullingford, English (Spring 2004)

Ann Cvetkovich, English and Women's & Gender Studies (Fall 2017)

Alan Friedman, English (Fall 2003) (Spring 2017)

Laura Furman, English (Spring 2006)

John Morán González, English (Fall 2021)

Ian Hancock, Linguistics, English (Fall 2002)

Barbara Harlow, English (Spring 2004) (Fall 2015)

Lars Hinrichs, Linguistics (Fall 2012)

Neville Hoad, English (Fall 2008)

Heather Houser, English (Fall 2015) (Spring 2021)

Coleman Hutchison, English (Fall 2009)

Van Jordan, English (Fall 2006)

Martin Kevorkian, English (Fall 2006)

Allen MacDuffie, English (Spring 2021)

Carol MacKay, English (Spring 2012)

Julie A. Minich, English and Mexican American & Latino/a Studies (Fall 2017)

Lisa Moore, English (Spring 2007)

Adam Zachary Newton, English, Jewish Studies (Spring 2005)

Ana Schwartz, English (Fall 2021)

Jennifer M. Wilks, English (Spring 2009)

Michael Winship, English (Spring 2006)

Hannah Wojciehowski, English (Fall 2009)

Helena Woodard, English (Fall 2005)

Department of French and Italian

Douglas Biow, French and Italian (Spring 2008)

Marc Bizer, French (Fall 2005)

Paola Bonifazio, French & Italian (Spring 2015)

Michael Johnson, French (Spring 2012)

Karen Pagani, French and Italian (Fall 2009)

Alexandra Wettlaufer, French and Comparative Literature (Fall 2001)

Department of Geography and the Environment

Paul Adams, Geography and Urban Studies (Fall 2012)

Kelley Crews-Meyer, Geography and the Environment (Spring 2008) (Spring 2012)

Diana Davis, Geography (Spring 2004)

Caroline Faria, Geography and the Environment (Fall 2017)

Richard Heyman, Geography and the Environment (Spring 2009)

Carlos Ramos Scharrón , Geography and the Environment (Fall 2021)

Rebecca Torres, Geography and the Environment (Fall 2019)

Jayme Walenta , Geography and the Environment (Spring 2021)

Department of Germanic Studies

Katherine Arens, Germanic Studies (Spring 2010)

Sabine Hake, Germanic Studies (Spring 2007)

John Hoberman, Germanic Studies (Fall 2002) (Fall 2017)

Lynn Wilkinson (Fall 2012)

Department of Government

Jason Brownlee, Government (Fall 2009)

David Edwards, Government (Spring 2010) (Fall 2015)

Benjamin Gregg, Government (Fall 2007) (Fall 2015)

Gretchen Ritter, Government (Fall 2003)

Bartholomew Sparrow, Government (Spring 2005) (Fall 2019)

Jeffrey Tulis, Government (Spring 2002) (Spring 2012)

Department of History

Robert H. Abzug, History and American Studies (Fall 2017)

Susan Boettcher, History (Fall 2004)

Erika Bsumek, History (Fall 2006)

Caroline Castiglione, History (Fall 2002)

Ruramisai Charumbira, History (Fall 2009)

Judith Coffin, History (Spring 2004)

David Crew, History (Fall 2005)

Carolyn Eastman, History (Spring 2008)

Seth Garfield, History (Fall 2021)

Laurie Green, History (Spring 2006) (Spring 2012) (Spring 2017)

Julie Hardwick, History (Spring 2007)

Roger Hart, History (Fall 2003)

Madeline Hsu, History/Asian American Studies (Fall 2015)

Brian Levack, History (Spring 2008)

Abigail Lustig, History (Spring 2008)

Tracie Matysik, History (Fall 2008)

Karl Hagstrom Miller, History and School of Music (Spring 2007)

Joan Neuberger, History (Fall 2009)

Martha Newman, History, Religious Studies (Spring 2005)

Abena Dove Osseo-Asare, History (Fall 2017)

Megan Raby, History (Fall 2019)

James Sidbury, History (Spring 2006)

Ann Twinam (Fall 2012)

Juliet Walker, History (Fall 2004)


Department of Linguistics

Qing Zhang, Linguistics (Spring 2004)

Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies

Juan J. Colomina-AlmiñanaMexican American and Latino/a Studies (Spring 2019)

Dustin Tahmahkera, Mexican American and Latino/a Studies (Spring 2017)

Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Tarek El-Ariss, Middle Eastern Studies (Spring 2010)

Akel Kahera, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (Fall 2002)

Jonathan Kaplan, Middle Eastern Studies (Spring 2019)

Faegheh Shirazi, Middle Eastern Studies (Spring 2005)

Denise Spellberg, History and Middle Eastern Studies (Fall 2001) (Fall 2007)

Department of Philosophy

Kathleen Higgins, Philosophy (Spring 2005) (Fall 2017)

A. P. Martinich, Philosophy (Spring 2002)

Sahotra Sarkar, Philosophy (Fall 2003)

Department of Psychology

Samuel Gosling, Psychology (Spring 2008)

Department of Religious Studies

Jennifer Graber, Religious Studies (Fall 2015) (Spring 2021)

Azfar Moin , Religious Studies (Fall 2019)

Department of Rhetoric and Writing

Diane Davis, Rhetoric and Composition (Fall 2005)

Mark Longaker, Rhetoric & Writing (Fall 2008)

Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Tatiana Kuzmic (Spring 2012)

Gilbert Rappaport, Slavic Languages and Literatures (Fall 2001)

Department of Sociology

Ari Adut, Sociology (Fall 2007)

Simone Browne (Spring 2012)

Benjamin Carrington, Sociology (Spring 2007)

Maya Charrad, Sociology/Middle Eastern Studies (Fall 2002)

Gloria González-López, Sociology (Spring 2017)

Sharmila Rudrappa, Sociology (Fall 2003)

Sharmila Rudrappa, Sociology and Asian American Studies (Fall 2017)

Arthur Sakamoto, Sociology (Fall 2006)

Robert Woodberry, Sociology (Fall 2004)

Michael Young, Sociology (Fall 2007)

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Arturo Arias, Spanish and Portuguese (Spring 2009)

Gabriela Polit Dueñas, Spanish and Portuguese (Spring 2019)

Marilén Loyola, Spanish and Portuguese (Spring 2015)

Sergio Romero, Spanish and Portuguese (Spring 2017) 

Madeline Sutherland-Meier Spanish and Portuguese (Fall 2017)

Women & Gender Studies

Lauren Gutterman American Studies/History/Women’s and Gender Studies (Spring 2019)

Alison Kafer Women's and Gender Studies and English (Fall 2021)

College of Natural Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

John Stanton, Chemistry (Spring 2004)

Department of Integrative Biology

David Crews, Integrative Biology (Spring 2017)

Steven Phelps, Integrative Biology (Spring 2021)

McCombs School of Business


Paul V. Martorana, Management (Spring 2009)

Violina Rindova, Management (Spring 2010) (Spring 2015)


Kate Gillespie, Marketing (Fall 2008)

Linda Golden, Marketing (Fall 2009)

Risk Management and Insurance

Patrick Lee Brockett (Spring 2012)

College of Pharmacy

Health Outcomes and Pharmacy Practice

Andrea Gore (Spring 2021)

Scott Strassels (Spring 2012)

Dell Medical School 

Carrie Barron, Dell Medical School (Spring 2019)

David Ring , Dell Medical School (Spring 2019)

School of Architecture

Michael Benedikt, Architecture (Fall 2008)

Louise Harpman, Architecture (Fall 2005)

Katherine Lieberknecht, Community and Regional Planning (Fall 2021)

Elizabeth J. Mueller, Community and Regional Planning (Fall 2012)

Allan W. Shearer, Architecture (Spring 2015)

Miriam Solis, Community and Regional Planning (Spring 2021)

Stephen Sonnenberg, Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine (Spring 2010)

School of Information

Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, School of Information (Spring 2006)

School of Law

Karen L. Engle, Law (Fall 2002)

William Forbath, School of Law, History (Spring 2004)

Julius Getman, Law (Spring 2007)

Terri LeClercq, School of Law (Spring 2005)

Sanford Levinson, Law and Government (Fall 2001) (Spring 2006)

Richard Markovits, Law (Fall 2002)

Andrea Marsh, Law (Fall 2019) 

Lawrence Sager, Law (Fall 2001) (Fall 2004)

John A. Robertson, School of Law (Spring 2017)

Zipporah Wiseman, School of Law (Fall 2003)

School of Social Work

Thomas Darwin (Fall 2001)

Diana M. DiNitto, Social Work (Fall 2008)

Miguel Ferguson, Social Work (Fall 2007)

Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Social Work (Spring 2017)

Roberta Greene, Social Work (Spring 2010)

Gretchen E. Henderson, Social Work (Fall 2021)

Lori K. Holleran Steiker , Social Work (Fall 2017)

Barbara L. Jones, Social Work (Spring 2009)

Elizabeth Pomeroy, Social Work (Spring 2010)

David Springer, Social Work (Fall 2006)

Michelle Rountree (Fall 2012)

Community Fellows

Rabbi Nei Blumofe (Fall 2021)

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