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Announcing the Humanities Institute "Health and Humanities" Pop-Up Institute

Fri, July 14, 2017
Announcing the Humanities Institute
2018 Health & Humanities Pop-Up Institute

The Humanities Institute is excited to announce that it has been granted matching funds from the Office of the Vice President for Research in support of our 2018 Pop-Up Institute "Health and Humanities: Narrative Medicine, Equity and Diversity, and Community Practice."

In 2016, The Office of the Vice President for Research introduced UT Pop-Up Institutes supporting interdisciplinary teams of UT Austin researchers. Each Pop-Up Institute team spends the academic year preparing for a burst of activity focused on a specific area of research. Their Institute then “pops up” for one month, providing dedicated resources, time and space for researchers across campus to combine their unique perspectives and distinct skill sets in pursuit of a common goal. 

The Health and Humanities Pop-Up Institute will push knowledge and practice forward along three lines of inquiry: narrative medicine, which addresses how effective care requires the ability to construct, analyze, and attend carefully to narratives; equity and diversity, which explores how the humanities can broaden and deepen understanding of medical ethics, cultural competency, and health disparities; and community practice, which employs innovative research partnerships to build a more healthy and caring society.

“This Institute will help to crystallize collaborative projects among scholars and clinicians in medicine, the humanities, the arts, and the humanistic social sciences,” says team leader Pauline Turner Strong, professor of anthropology and gender studies and the director of UT’s Humanities Institute.

Additional funding for the Health and Humanities Pop-Up Institute has been granted by the College of Liberal Arts. 

To learn more about the Health and Humanities Pop-Up Institute or to indicate your interest in participating, please visit our webpage. 

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