Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2017  

Position: Sales Analyst
Student: Economics Senior

A day in the life of this internship is incredibly varying; no one-day is like another. An average day can consist of anything from creating databases to manage inventory, managing car and dealership data and contact information to drinking beer and playing ping-pong. The general office vibe is what one could describe as modern and laid back, you are expected to put in as much effort as you can and are not constantly micro managed. If you are not able to contribute enough consistently you will most likely be let go, as many interns were.

The internship is fun and far from dull, the office is rearranged bi-weekly and nothing ever felt stagnant. Equipment and computers are sparse and if you are not there every day to defend your equipment it may not be there when you return, several times when I returned to the office my keyboard was missing, my mouse had been switched out or everything had been disconnected and rearranged. More prominent employees are obviously of higher value to the company and will receive special treatment when it comes to gear, internships are at the bottom of this list.

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