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Maya Meetings Explore Ideas of Time, Prophecy March 23-27

Wednesday Mar 23, 2011 | San Jacinto Conference Center and the Blanton Auditorium

The 2011 Maya Meetings presents five days of new and exciting scholarship on Mesoamerican philosophies of time, calendar and prophecy - concepts that operated in the heart of ancient Aztec and Maya notions of the universe and humanity's place within it.

Through archeology, iconography and newly deciphered texts, scholars examine how these time concepts exerted a powerful influence on ancient history, ritualism and daily life. These discussions are of particular relevance today, as these ancient ideas - or misunderstanding of them - resonate within very influential "New Age" thinking about the year 2012 and its significance, making a search for "real" Mesoamerican concepts of time and prophecy as important as ever.

Confirmed symposium speakers are Alfredo López Austin, Anthony Aveni, John Hoopes, Leonardo López Luján, Kathryn Reese-Taylor, David Stuart, Karl Taube and Barbara Tedlock. The 2011 Maya Meetings will take place at the University of Texas at Austin. Workshops will be held at the San Jacinto Conference Center and the symposium will be held at the Blanton Museum Auditorium.

Registration required; students, $75/125; nonstudents, $100/250. Sponsored by the Mesoamerica Center.

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