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2017 Dean's Distinguished Graduates Announced

Tue, Apr 4, 2017
Dean Randy Diehl
Dean Randy Diehl

AUSTIN, Texas — Twelve graduating seniors have been named Dean’s Distinguished Graduates, the highest award offered by the College of Liberal Arts. Each year, the College recognizes outstanding students with the Dean's Distinguished Graduate Award for their leadership, scholarly achievements and service to the college and university community. The students will be honored at the College of Liberal Arts spring commencement ceremony on Friday, May 19.

The 2017 Dean's Distinguished Graduates are:

  • James Barnett, History (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program
  • Dylan Davidson, English (Special Honors; College Honors) / Plan II Honors Program
  • Eamon Dowd, Economics (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program / History
  • Donald Egan, Anthropology (College Honors) / Biochemistry
  • Sarah Fischer, International Relations & Global Studies (Special Honors; College Honors) / Journalism
  • Rachel Fleming, Latin American Studies
  • Kira Holland, Geography (Special Honors) / Geological Sciences
  • Aruna Kharod, Asian Studies (Special Honors) / Asian Cultures & Languages - Hindi
  • Abigail Newell, Sociology (Special Honors; College Honors)
  • Bronwyn Scott, Plan II Honors Program / Biochemistry
  • Claire Smith, Humanities (Special Honors; College Honors) / History
  • Jordan Smith, English (Special Honors; College Honors)

The 2017 Dean's Distinguished Graduates Honorable Mention recipients are:

  • Phoenix Alfaro, Urban Studies (Special Honors) / Geography
  • Riley Brown, Government (Special Honors)
  • Emily Collins, Classics (Special Honors)
  • Joe Currie, Religious Studies / Management Information Systems
  • Fatima Frausto, Sociology (Special Honors) / Neuroscience
  • Samantha Freis, Psychology (Special Honors)
  • Nicolas Gatz, Psychology (Special Honors; College Honors) / Spanish
  • Denise Hunt, American Studies (Special Honors) / English
  • Clarissa Lobo, Rhetoric & Writing (Special Honors)
  • Lindsey Nichols, Psychology
  • Elizabeth Patten, American Studies (College Honors) / History
  • Maria Rodriguez, Linguistics (Special Honors) / Iberian & Latin American Languages & Cultures
  • Marie Sells, International Relations & Global Studies (Special Honors; College Honors)
  • Gabrielle Torres, Plan II Honors Program / Government
  • Reece Wooten, Economics (Special Honors) 

This year marks the 37th anniversary of the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate program, which has yielded more than 400 alumni who represent the best and the brightest graduates of the College of Liberal Arts. In 2009, the College created the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Alumni Association in an effort to better connect alumni to one another and the college.

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