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Staff Excellence Award

In 1985, the College established an annual staff awards program to honor outstanding staff members. The winners of the award will receive a cash award and a framed certificate signed by the Dean.

In response to overwhelming requests, this year the College will also include awards recognizing excellence among all ranks of staff, including team members and supervisors.

Nominate a deserving staff member by completing the nomination form.

Congratulations to the
2021 Staff Excellence Award Winners!

  • Rachel Stimely
  • William O' Leary  
  • Marla Gilliland  
  • Avani Chhaya  
  • Mark LaForest
  • Soo Aldrich


  • All staff, including Classified and A&P are eligible; awards will be given for “outstanding staff” and “outstanding supervisor.”
  • Cannot have won the award in the past 3 years.
  • Must work at least 20 hours per week and have been in current role for at least 1 year.
  • Cannot have any documented performance issues, including any Performance Improvement Plans since the last performance review cycle.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Recognition of exceptional impact on the College and/or the University.
  • Demonstrated exceptional collaboration, innovation, and relationship bridging between multiple departments, schools, or units.
  • Exceptional contributions towards supporting diversity, flexibility, and a positive workplace culture.
  • Acting as a champion of volunteerism and service within the College and/or University.
  • Significantly improve processes in systems, customer interaction, or efficiency in their workplace.
  • Consistently perform at a level above meeting job expectations.
  • Winners will not be selected by the number of nominations, but by the content of the nomination.

Recent Recipients (not eligible)

Tony Araguz, Jenna Bacorn, Andrew Beachum, Susan Castillo, Megan Conner, Thomas Fawcett, Andrea Golden, Kristen Hotopp, Kevin Hsu, Lindsey Jamieson, Stephanie Kaufman, Victor Martínez, Crystal McCallon, Courtney Meador, Rachel Meyer, Lindsay Murphy, Liz Myrick, Matthew Rabatin, Agnes Sekowski, Rachel White, Adrienne Witzel

Previous Excellence Award winners from 1995-present