Rapoport Service Scholarship Program

College of Liberal Arts

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The Rapoport Service Scholarship Program honors Bernard and Audre Rapoport for their neverending dedication and commitment to helping those in need.  With the help of an endowment from the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation of Waco, Texas, the College of Liberal Arts offers a $30,000 scholarship for 36 students in the College of Liberal Arts that are dedicated to community service.  These students are selected in their freshmen year and begin program work in Fall of their sophomore year.  They remain in the scholarship program their sophomore, junior, and senior year with $10,000 of funding a year for each year. 


College of Liberal Arts

2018 Selection Committee Left to Right: Carlos Eric Bowles, Hannah McKenna, Larissa Noake, & Rachel Gonzalez Martin. 

The Rapoport Service Scholarship Program seeks to enhance and improve the lives of undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts.  Through community service, our scholars help to positively impact the lives of people in their community by reaching out to those in need.  By changing one life at a time, our scholars help to change the world.


Our staff is available to help answer questions about the program, scholarship and coursework. 

Carlos Eric Bowles, Program Coordinator & Advisor


Hannah Young, Financial Coordinator


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