Ward Endowed Fellowships

To support graduate student research and writing and for short-term periods of foreign study or academic travel and/or work experience, related to Asia with preference for Southeast Asia or China.

Scholarship Information:

  • Period: Competition is held at the beginning of each long semester
  • Amount of awards:  $1,000 - $4,000
  • Deadline: See scholarship chart 

Scholarship Restrictions:

  • For graduate students currently enrolled in Asian Studies, Government or Economics.
  • Completion of a minimum of 9 hours of coursework in residence, at time of application.
  • UT-Austin GPA of at least 3.5

Other Requirements:

  • Demonstrated scholarship in the fields of political or economic development or American foreign relations related to Asia with preference for Southeast Asia or China.
  • Evidence of leadership ability and interest in public and private international careers.
  • Submission of a two-page description of your research.
  • One letter of recommendation from your advising UT faculty member.
  • IRB approval as necessary (if awarded)
  • A thank you letter and a report on use of funds will be required, if awarded.


  • When you apply online, the first step is filling out your profile; once complete, you will see the scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • If the application requires a letter of recommendation, the system will ask you for the e-mail address of the professor you are asking to write a letter of recommendation. The entire process is online, so please do not request a paper version of the letter.
  • Please keep in mind that all application materials, including the letter of recommendation, must be received by the deadline.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time during period of award.
  • Please be sure you have read the information above before you apply online (UT EID login required).


Award winners will be selected by the College Scholarship Committee and announced by the end of the semester in which you apply.

Contact the Liberal Arts Scholarships office at cola-scholarships@austin.utexas.edu for more information.