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Social and Behavioral Sciences Minor


Any student in the 20-22 catalog and beyond may apply for the SBS minor. Students should talk to their major advisor about whether pursuing the SBS minor is compatible with their academic program.


Students must complete 15 credit hours from the “Additional Social Science (Liberal Arts)” section of the appropriate Universal List.

***Students should NOT refer to the “Social and Behavioral Sciences (Core 80)” list on the first page of the pdf, as some of the courses listed there will NOT count toward the SBS minor***

Courses chosen for the SBS minor must meet the following criteria:

  • Selected from at least two fields of study (SOC and ANT, for example)
  • At least 6 credit hours must be upper division
  • At least half of the coursework must be taken in-residence at UT-Austin.

How to Apply

Students can apply through the minor and certificate inventory system. The SBS minor is an “auto-approved minor”, listed under the College of Liberal Arts.

Applications are auto-approved upon submission. Once approved, students must contact their major advisor to declare the minor. A minor must be officially declared to be recognized on the transcript.

Additional Information About Minors

The transcript-recognized undergraduate academic minor must be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin; students pursuing an integrated undergraduate/graduate program must complete the requirements for the minor within one year after completing the undergraduate requirements of their program.

At least nine of the hours required for the minor must include coursework not used to satisfy the requirements of the student’s major. However, courses in the minor may fulfill other degree requirements such as general education requirements or required elective hours.

Transcript recognition is awarded at the time of undergraduate degree completion.



Contact Jana Cole (Academic Advising Coordinator) at