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Student Group Funding

Funding Requests

Student Organization Funding Requests create an opportunity for student organizations to receive financial support from the College for key events or programs. The process can take several weeks; only complete applications will be considered.

Application Requirements

The College of Liberal Arts requires the following from each organization wishing to apply for funds:

  1. The organization must submit a letter of interest, on letterhead, that includes:
    • The organization's name and purpose.
    • Which students or groups are allowed to participate in the organization and its events.
    • Name, purpose, and date of the event and how the funds will be used.
    • Tentative event program, schedule, or list of activities.
    • A statement as to how the college will be recognized at the event.
    • Name, email address, and phone number of whom to contact about the request.
  2. The organization must submit a proposed budget for the event.
  3. Requests should be submitted no less than three weeks prior to the event.

If your organization is registered as a Liberal Arts Affiliated Student Organization (LAASO) please indicate this on your application.

Organization Requirements

All organizations that apply should directly serve and/or engage Liberal Arts students.  The event should be academic in nature and inclusive of all populations of students.

Please submit all required documents for Undergraduate student organizations via email to Maggie Wilhite.

Please submit all required documents for Graduate student organizations via email to Erica Whittington.

Conference Funding

If you are looking for funds to attend a conference please visit the Liberal Arts Scholarships page for more information.