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International Relations and Global Studies

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Midsemester Deadline is Monday, October 23

Last day to Q-drop, pass/fail, or withdraw from all classes for the Fall 2023 semester is 5:00 pm CDT this  Monday, October 23.

If you have concerns and have not been able to connect with an advisor, please do not wait. Reach out to the Peer Advisors in the Dean's Office now for more info. You may also wish to email your adivisor with more questions.

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Spring Track List is Now Available!

Each list includes acceptable AFR area study list!

NOTE: A course that falls within multiple tracks or is offered by one of the area studies departments may only count once toward the IRG major. May not count towards both IRG degree requirements.

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Welcome to International Relations and Global Studies, an interdisciplinary major launched in 2009 that offers undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts a wide-ranging introduction to the most important challenges facing the modern world. The IRG major reflects the understanding that many of today's most pressing concerns-security risks, climate change, human rights-are truly global in nature, rather than merely national or regional problems. This major also recognizes that students benefit from addressing these subjects through a variety of scholarly perspectives. As a result, IRG draws from numerous departments and specializations at UT-Austin, such as Government, History, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, as well as area studies and languages, in order to fashion a broad, thematic-based course of study for undergraduate majors.

In selecting International Relations and Global Studies as a major, students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses on global issues. All majors must follow one of four thematic study tracks and concentrate on one of six regional areas, along with completing a study-abroad experience and additional foreign language courses. IRG majors also are required to complete a capstone research course, normally taken during their final year of study. Please see the program overview for a more specific set of degree requirements. 

Student Features

Aruna Muthupillai - Current Student

Year: Freshman
Major: International Relations & Global Studies, Plan II
Track: Science, Technology, and the Environment
Area Study: Asian Studies
Language: Chinese
Study Abroad: I don't have one lined up, but I'm thinking I could go to Beijing.

Advice: At UT, IRG is unique in that you get a lot of freedom with the major, because you can easily double major. You don’t have to focus on just one thing. And the major helps you better understand the world around you.

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Aruna Muthupillai

IRG Alumni - Catherine Martin

What is your current career path?
Thus far, my career has been an adventure through multiple industries, including finance, public
relations and education. In each industry...

What experiences were particularly meaningful to you in the IRG program?
Without a doubt, the most meaningful part of my IRG program was studying abroad in Antigua, Guatemala...

What advice would you give to current students?
Stay curious about what you're studying and why it matters in the grand scheme of things. Even better, be...

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Jonathan Armstrong