International Relations and Global Studies

On-campus Involvement Opportunities

Certificates and Minors

Global Management Certificate This Certificate Program is offered through a collaboration between the McCombs Center for Global Business and the International Relations and Global Studies major of the College of Liberal Arts. Through the Certificate in Global Management program, you’ll learn about the world’s geopolitical landscape and become familiar with international business structures and processes.  You’ll gain managerial and problem solving skills through experiential learning techniques, including assignments you complete during an experience abroad.  This certificate is a good fit for you if you’re interested in a career in business, government or public affairs, non-profit organizations, engineering, nursing or social work. 

Certificate in Security Studies - Offered by the Clements Center for National Security, the Certificate in Security Studies recognizes students who focus their studies on international and national security affairs. Through the certificate, students develop an interdisciplinary expertise and professional experience in security studies, including diplomacy, defense, intelligence, foreign policy, homeland security, international affairs, international development, human rights, war, conflict, peace, and related fields. This transcript-recognized certificate is open to all current UT students. 

Peace Corps Prep Program -  Earn a certificate and strengthen your application to be a Peace Corps Volunteer. Peace Corps Prep (PC Prep) program is a certificate granted by Peace Corps focused on preparing students to be the best Peace Corps Volunteer possible.

Centers and Programs 

Clements Center for National Security - For students interested in national and international security, The Clements Center offers a range of programs for undergraduate students including study abroad, professional development workshops, grants and fellowships, a distinguished speaker series and a Certificate in Security Studies .

Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law - The Strauss Center is an excellent resource for students interested in exploring issues surrounding international global instability, technology, and the environment.

Brumley Next Generation Scholars Program - Launched by the Strauss Center in 2010, the Brumley Next Generation Scholars (NGS) program provides new research and mentorship opportunities for promising UT undergraduate students interested in careers in international security and law. 

Innovations for Peace and Development - Founded in January 2013, Innovations for Peace and Development (IPD) is a research program at The University of Texas at Austin with the mission to provide a space for interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on global conflict, foreign aid and poverty alleviation. Student opportunities include research with international development programs, data management on poverty or conflict, and writing reports and blogs.

Rapoport Center for Human Rights & Justice - The Rapoport Center was founded in 2004, and it's mission is to serve as a focal point for critical, interdisciplinary analysis and practice of human rights and social justice. Its goal is to promote the economic and political enfranchisement of marginalized individuals and groups both locally and globally. The Center offers undergraduate internships in fall, spring, and summer for students interested in human rights & social justice. They also host an internship & employment database, collaborate to offer a BDP (Certificate) in Human Rights & Social Justice, support the Human Rights Student Advisory Council, and more.

Student Organizations

Women in Foreign Affairs - Women in Foreign Affairs is an organization that works to promote the role of women in various international fields, such as diplomacy, international business, and defense/military. 

Gen UNThe student branch of the United Nations-U.S.A., Generation-UN at UT is an organization working to raise awareness for the 17 U.N. sustainable development initiatives. This organization seeks to create philanthropic events targeting disadvantaged communities and social causes. Furthermore, the organization seeks to foster a community of members aspiring to be global citizens, and provides an academic and social experience to expose college students to cultural diversity and worldwide issues. The pillars which agents stand for are global thinking, community development, and cultural activities. The goal of the organization is to produce students with a global perspective regardless of their chosen career pathway, and to make a sustainable impact in the Austin community targeting the 17 U.N. initiatives. 

International Affairs Society  - The International Affairs Society (IAS) is a professional and social organization at the University of Texas at Austin whose mission is to cater to students interested in international relations, global affairs, cultural interaction, and travel.

Alexander Hamilton Society (UT Chapter) - The Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS) is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit, membership organization that promotes constructive debate on basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy.

AIESEC in Austin - AIESEC is an international, student-run, non-profit that operates as a hybrid between a business and a student org. Members build professional skills delivering AIESEC's Global Internship Program to UT students and corporations based in Austin.

Central Texas Model United Nations - Model United Nations is a simulation program in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Model UN involves and teaches participants researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

HornsLink - Use this searchable database to discover the many additional student opportunities on campus.