International Relations and Global Studies

IRG Honors Program Past Theses

Students admitted to the IRG Honors Thesis Program meet weekly throughout the year with the IRG director as they refine their proposals, carry out their research agenda, and write outlines and chapter drafts. By the end of the spring semester, participants will have completed a significant (50+ page) thesis on a diverse set of topics related to international and global studies.  Below is a list of the 2015/16 IRG Honors Theses:  

Regan Seckel - "Reinforcing the Gray-Zone: Public Education in the Fight Against Extremism in Europe"

Stuart Railey - "Mujahidat: Women of the Islamic State"

Mayra Vega - "Tracing Europe's Right-Wing Politics: The Extent To Which Right-Wing Parties Have Pushed Forward Their Anti-Muslim And Anti-Immigration Agendas"

Myra Ali - "Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal: Identity Formation & the Post-Colonial Self in Zia’s Pakistan"

Sonia Montejano - "Regional Integration in the Post-Soviet Space and the Eurasian Economic Union"

Gabrielle Inhofe - "Making the Cinema Bloom: The Construction and Renegotiation of Israeli Nationalism and Identity through Film, Gender Politics, and Sexuality"

Cassidy Cahal - "An Assessment of Scholarship & State Practice for the Legality of Humanitarian Intervention: How the Interventions in Kosovo and Libya Provide Clarity to the Legality of Humanitarian Intervention and the Current Situation in Syria"

Jaclyn Kachelmeyer - "Beyond Terroir: The Political Ecology of Climate Change, Neoliberalism, and Race in the South African Wine Industry"

Breana Lovelace - "Exploring the Structure and Interactions of the Korean Popular Music Society"

Paloma De Leon - "Domestic Policies and Trade Liberalization in Developing Nations"

Emily Finkelstine - "The Human Cost of Diplomacy: Examining the Interplay Between Counterterrorism, Human Rights, and Economic Pressures in China's Xinjiang Debate"

Daniel Martens - "The Arab Spring and the United States: Examining the American Role in Democratization in the Middle East"

Natalie Bernstien - "Palestinian Women's Activism: A Case for Intersectionality"

Tyler Brown - "Hacking or Active Defense: Cybersecurity in International Affairs"

Chase Carnes - "Perspectives on Conflict: A Study of the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis"

Clayton Davis -  "Revisiting the Six-Day War: A Hydrological Perspective on Zionism"

Jane Lee -  "The North Korean Refugee Crisis in China"