Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Culture Trunks

LLILAS maintains a library of cultural enrichment trunks containing traditional clothing, instruments, and crafts from countries throughout Latin America. Additionally, we offer a variety of curricula online that can be paired with our cultural trunks. We can ship the trunks to schools or teachers around the country. We currently offer cultural trunks based on Latin American regions and countries including: Latin America generally, Central America, the Andes, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico.

How to Borrow a Culture Trunk

  1. Complete the library lending agreement online or in person.
  2. Request a specific culture trunk using our request form. We will evaluate your request and ensure the trunks are available for the dates you requested. If indicated, we will ship them to you.
  3. Enjoy using the culture trunks in your classroom!
  4. Return the trunks when you are done using them, either in person or by mail. Make sure to complete the inventory checklist before returning the trunk.
  5. Submit an online evaluation so we can continue to ensure that the trunks useful to educators.

Latin American TrunkLatin American Trunk

Contents: 1 Tarka flute [Bolivia]; 1 stuffed vicuña [Bolivia]; 1 Zapotec rug [Mexico]; 1 chale [Ecuador]; 1 painted F, La Palma art [El Salvador]; set of panpipes (zampoña) [Peru]; 1 story gourd [Peru]; 1 package of rainforest seeds [Costa Rica]; 1 tap-tap [Haiti]; 1 Tarahumara drum [Mexico]; 1 güiro bell [Chile]; jícara maraca [Mexico]; 1 pine needle basket [Mexico]; 1 musical rainstick [Brazil]; 1 Amazon parrot [Ecuador]; 3 arpilleras [Peru]; 1 Mapuche snake [Chile]; 1 Stobe leather bracelet [Brazil]; 2 boxes of worry dolls [Guatemala]; 2 ocarinas [the Andes]; 1 chullo; 1 grave doll [Peru]; 1 Ekkeko doll [Bolivia]; 2 dolls [Bolivia]; 1 envelope of mixed currency; 1 goat rattle [Peru]; 22 artifact information cards

Mexican & Central American Cultural TrunkMexican & Central American Culture Trunk

Contents: 2 pine needle baskets; 1 Zapotec rug; 2 seed packets; 6 La Catrina ornaments; 1 postcard from Oaxaca; 1 paper mache hot chocolate bowl; 1 book of Mexican stamps; 1 artisanal corn husk doll; 1 small Mexican tile; 1 traditional embroidered blouse; Mexican currency ($28.50); 1 wooden 'talking' fish; 2 pine needle figurines; 2 tiny black clay artisinal pots

Andean Cultural TrunkAndean Culture Trunk

Contents: 11 postcards; 1 medium bag [Peru]; 2 seed packets; 2 Mapuche snakes [Chile]; 1 stuffed llama/vicuña; 1 set of panflute (zampoña) [Peru]; 1 small purse; 1 tea bag of mate de coca; 1 Antiplano doll; 1 tarka flute [Bolivia]; 1 quena flute with instructions; 2 small clay pig /chanchitos [Chile]; Argentine currency ($1.61); 1 munaiwarmi (women's love stone) [Peru]; 3 arpillera (1 small, 2 large) [Peru]; 2 grave dolls [Peru]; 2 puppets [Ecuador]; 2 goat rattles [Peru];1 winter hat (chullo) [Bolivia]; 3 dolls [Bolivia]; 1 matching hat and poncho; 3 story gourds [Peru]; 1 Inca bead necklace [Peru]; 2 Black artisans figures of animals; 1 tea gourd and bombilla [Argentina]; 1 basket maraca; 1 doll; 1 envelope of mixed currency

Brazilian Cultural TrunkBrazilian Culture Trunk

Contents: 2 hats (Movimento Dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra); 1 seed bowl; 2 figa; 1 Habib's cup; 2 carranca; 2 Brazilian soccer shirts of Ronaldo; 3 Brazilian flags (2 medium, 1 large); 1 t-shir (DIDA: Mulher que Gera o Mundo); 1 magazine (Brazil for Kids); 2 cordel literature; 32 postcards of spiritual deities/candomble (2 packets of 16 cards each); 1 painted curtain; 11 box candomble dolls; Brazilian currency ($13.60); 3 children's wooden toys (turtle/chicken/armadillo); 1 small metal bow and arrow; 1 basket; 1 paper necklace; 1 plastic bag (Paode Acucar); 11 metal candomble figures

Brazilian Musical InstrumentsBrazilian Musical Instruments

Contents: 3 agogo bells with wooden stick; 1 pandeiro (tambourine); 4 ganza (2 small, 1 medium, 1 large); 1 triangle with steel stick; 3 tamborim with wooden stick; 2 wood samba whistles

Ecuadorian Cultural TrunkEcuadorian Culture Trunk

Contents: 1 knitted mask; 1 Ecuadoran flag; 1 Otovalan tapestry; 2 ocarina small flute; 1 Venus of Valdina statue; 1 small leather coin purse; 1 llama hand puppet; 1 blue-footed booby hand puppet; 2 dolls in traditional dress; 2 necklaces made of seeds; 1 card for Talleres José Cotacachi

Guatemalan Cultural TrunkGuatemalan Culture Trunk

Description coming soon!

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