Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Internships at LLILAS

The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, a multidisciplinary institute that integrates several centers and programs devoted to promote interest in the region, is the oldest Latin American Studies program in the United States and one of the best worldwide.

LLILAS has an unpaid internship program designed to provide UT students with the opportunity to gain professional experience by learning about the work of multiple programs within LLILAS or to develop research skills by working with some of our most distinguished Latin Americanist faculty. Our institute is a vibrant and fast-paced environment where students will have the opportunity to interact with foreign students, visiting Latin American professors, government officials, politicians, and private sector representatives.

LLILAS Interns

LLILAS Interns

The internship is open to undergraduate students enrolled in any UT college or school who may be interested in pursuing a Latin American studies graduate degree or working on Latin American issues. Interns must be available to work about 10 hours a week from late September 2020 to the last week of classes of the fall semester (schedules are negotiated with the respective supervisor). If you would like to earn liberal arts elective credit for your LLILAS internship, learn about the LA 320wb and LA 110wb course options at: Internship Courses.

We are currently trying to fill positions in several LLILAS programs. Please review each of the job descriptions and let us know for which position you are applying. You can apply to more than one, but if you do, please rank them in order of preference.

Please e-mail all application materials to Paloma Diaz before August 25, 2020 (we encourage early applications and will begin interviewing applicants as soon as possible). The application package should include: (1) a résumé indicating language and computer skills; (2) a cover letter stating why you are interested in the position or positions (including research topics or disciplines of interest); (3) information about your spring schedule and available hours; and (4) the name and contact information of at least two UT faculty members or previous employers who are willing to provide us with references.

Available Internships

Multimedia and Video Production
This internship position will help us to enhance our multimedia resources (videos and audio podcasts), and interns will gain the opportunity to showcase their work through our website and social media outlets. Interns will be in charge of filming our events and producing a series of short clips featuring our scholarly activities, including interviews with faculty, visiting professors, or students, highlights of public programs, etc.

Duties include filming and video production (video and/or audio editing, preparation of graphics, titles, translation subtitles, music, and photos) plus audio podcast editing and mixing. Hours are flexible, but applicants should be willing to work during some evenings. Candidates should have access to all the necessary equipment including cameras, mikes, and appropriate software. Applicants should submit a cover letter, résumé, and online portfolio with sample of videos produced. To see samples of videos produced by our students, visit 2012 Fulbright Visiting Professor in Environmental Sciences and Policy and Haiti: Between Destruction and Hope.

We are recruiting students who are passionate about photography. The intern would provide photographic coverage of selected LLILAS public events and other LLILAS programs as needed. This internship represents a great opportunity for broadening your experience: selected photos can be posted on our website and our social media sites or used in our publications (work will be credited). Successful candidates should have experience taking high-resolution digital photographs and should have access to a high-quality digital camera. Access to other photographic equipment, such as a variety of lenses, tripod, and flash, is a plus. The candidate should also have basic experience with photo editing. Hours are flexible, but applicants should be willing to work during some evenings.

LLILAS is recruiting UT undergraduate students to work with UT faculty during the fall 2018 semester. Our Latin Americanist faculty produce cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics and disciplines and help to maintain the academic leadership of the institute. This research internship is an excellent opportunity for students considering graduate school. Duties may include literature research and review; data manipulation, analysis, and interpretation; organization of research materials (data, texts, articles); other related duties assigned by faculty. Students will be selected based on previous research experience or demonstrated interest in Latin American academic issues. Successful candidates will be paired with faculty according to their specific areas of interest. Previous research experience is a plus, as is intermediate to advanced proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Scholarly and Public Programs
LLILAS Scholarly and Public Programs constitute a broad range of initiatives, including academic events such as conferences, lectures, and workshops; collaborations with Latin American institutions; visits of foreign delegations; and receptions, performances, and social media activities. These initiatives may focus on one or several Latin American countries and include multiple academic topics. We are seeking interns to provide logistical support for all the stages of the planning and implementation of such initiatives. Duties include assistance in publicity, travel, and catering arrangements; preparation of materials; management of databases and Internet research; translation of short documents (e.g., correspondence, bios, website information); and clerical support as needed. Applicants should be able to work 10 hours a week and demonstrate organizational skills, professional demeanor, and knowledge of the institute's mission and public programs. Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese is a plus.

Testimonials from previous LLILAS interns

LLILAS Interns

"In Spring 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to intern with LLILAS as a research assistant. I worked with Dr. Esther Calzada and Dr. Lauren E. Gulbas on their Pilot Study of Depression and Suicidality in Mexican-American Children and Youth. This internship introduced me to the responsibilities necessary for conducting a proper research study. I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement from both professors and the other research assistants on the team. I was also able to benefit from participating in the events hosted by LLILAS. Through speaker presentations and events, I learned of hot topics of Latin America through experts in their fields. My internship with LLILAS was a career changing experience during my undergrad at The University of Texas."

Lucero Arguello, International Relations and Global Studies, Children and Society

"As an intern for LLILAS, I learned so much about Latin American Studies that I would never have otherwise learned in strictly a classroom setting. I found this internship through the Plan II and LLILAS partnership, and I am so grateful! Since I am also a Latin American Studies major, this internship was an incredible opportunity to supplement my education by allowing me to get a more up close and personal experience with many of the current debates, issues, and events happening in Latin America; being able to help organize many of the LLILAS events and speakers has been a particular highlight. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to help conduct research for a professor in LLILAS which has helped guide me in my own research endeavors. I have loved being involved with an institution that aims to teach people across campus about Latin American Studies, and I can truthfully say that I have learned and grown so much academically and professionally because of it.

Hailey Howe, Plan II Honors / Latin American Studies / Iberian and Latin American Languages and Cultures

LLILAS Interns

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For more information, contact Paloma Diaz, Scholarly Programs Director and Faculty Liaison, at 512.232.2415.

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