Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Theses and Dissertations

Author Title Date Degree
Adams, Lindsay Rose Making other economies possible: inequality, consciousness-raising and the solidarity economy in Chile 2010 MA
Ajcalón Choy, Rigoberto Masculinity, gender and power in a Mayan-Kaqchikel community 2014 MA
Andrade Camacho, Alan A political analysis of the TIPNIS conflicts 2012 MA
Aparcio-Soriano, Leticia Water pollution and indigenous identity: a perspective from a cooperative water association called La Sociedad de Aguas La Guadalupana 2011 MA
Aramayo Canedo, Lucia Isabel Las pieles que habitamos: Chuquiago, la ciudad-mercado 2012 MA
Avila Loera, Adriana Melissa Perceptions of (narco) violence in Monterrey, Mexico 2010 MA
Bacellar, Sarasvati de Araujo Surrounding Amazonia: the 1637-39 Teixeira expedition, knowledge and representation 2012 MA
Bariola, Nino "Acá al revés es la cosa": migration, gender and ethnicity in an indigenous community in Lima 2014 MA
Batz, Giovanni Expressions of Maya identity and culture in Los Angeles: coloniality of power, resistance, and cultural memory 2010 MA
Bellows, Elizabeth Carmichael Mexican law in Texas courts and the role of judicial interaction 2010 MA/JD
Berenter, Jared Steven Expanding the Central Bank mandate in the “Soy Republic” : an assessment of the impact of Central Bank governance on agricultural competitiveness and interest articulation in Argentina 2013 MA/MGPS
Bosquez, Monica Dolores Fear and discipline in a permanent state of exception: Mexicans, their families, and U.S. immigrant processing in Ciudad Juarez 2011 MA/MS
Brill, Robert Jeffrey Noncontributory pensions, cash transfers, and documentation in Brazil and Latin America 2013 MA/MPAff
Brown, Zachary Zoeth Valorization as an educational project: schooling, Afro-Brazilian cultural organizations, and the struggle against racial exclusion in Salvador da Bahia 2010 MA
Carney, Sarah Jacquelyn The first hundred years of the Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología of Guatemala 2013 MA
Casey, Regina Suzanne ¡Súbete al Progreso!: narratives of progress and social mobility surrounding the Santo Domingo Metro 2011 MA/MS
Chen, Yu Rethinking informality in time of crisis and changes: self-employment and petty entrepreneurship in Havana 2011 MA
Cigarroa, Maria Cristina Silence isn't helping and we need to put our stories into action: the role of narratives for the dreamers 2013 MA/JD
Coplin, Daniele Elizabeth Racist geographies: legacies of socio-political discrimination against Afro Costa Ricans in Limón 2013 MA
Coronado-Ruiz, Anabella The ethics of ruins in Petén, Guatemala: problematizing architectural conservation in the context of people, practice, and politics 2013 PhD
Day, Erin Elizabeth Meaningful access: proposal for Spanish language proceedings in Hidalgo County, Texas 2012 MA/JD
Diaz, Omar Oscar Participatory research with children in informal settlements: understanding child perspective through the use of drawing exercises in Los Platanitos, Dominican Republic 2011 MA/MS
Die, Rachael Ann Troubling tourism: tourism, development, and social justice in Bocas del Toro, Panamá 2012 MA/MS
Durst, Noah Joseph The rise of renters and renting in Texas colonias 2013 MA/MPAff
Dyer, Zachary Koenig Extracting identity : universal social policy in post-neoliberal Bolivia 2012 MA
Ellis, Olivia Jane Organizing indigeneity among the Xukuru do Ororubá of Brazil 2010 MA
Engelman, Lindsey Tamar The forgotten case of Esmeraldas: perceptions of contamination and collective action in an Ecuadorian refinery town 2011 MA/MS
Fletcher, Kanitra Shenae Damage control: black women's visual resistance in Brazil and beyond 2011 MA
Friday, Shayna Ashley Selling culture: reinventing the past to create a future 2014 MA
Gamboa-Gutiérrez, Laura Campaigning with empty pockets: why the Liberal Party wins regional elections in Colombia 2010 MA
Gordon, Edmund Wyatt Access to water and sanitation in Atlantic Nicaragua 2011 MA/MPAff
Hershaw, Eva Rose De Sol a Sol: The Limits to Union Organizing in the Nontraditional Export Plantations of Northern Peru 2012 MA/MA
Hervas, Liana Stela Politicizing food in Quito: food sovereignty and the Canasta Comunitaria Ciudad Viva 2012 MA
Hollingsworth, Lora Lee Borrower protests and the failures of microfinance in Nicaragua 2011 MA
Huitzil, Cintia M. Lost in translations: transnational indigenous migrants re-defining public social services in Los Angeles, California 2014 MA
Hunter, Brandon M. Working in the spaces of taboo: civil society responses to commerical sexual exploitation of children in Mexico City 2011 MA
Kawachi, Kumiko Constructing notions of development: an analysis of the experiences of Japan cooperation volunteers and the Peace Corps in Latin America and their interaction with indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian highlands 2013 PhD
Kihm, Hadyn Lindsey Participatory budgeting in Córdoba: a policy approach to strengthening democracy in Latin America 2010 MA/MPAff
Kinney, Emily Rose Leaving the United States for the "land of liberty": postbellum confederates in Mexico 2011 MA
Leid, Leon Llegó la luz: a case study of the impacts of photovoltaic solar electricity in Las Balsas, Ecuador 2014 MA
Linares-Palma, Adriana María Archcaeology and the community: constructing bridges for knowledge of the past in Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala 2014 MA
López, Candace Walking contradictions: Latina lesbianas, immigration and citizenship 2010 MA
Macias, Anthony William Mining memory: contention and social memory in a Oaxacan territorial defense struggle 2014 MA
Mann Carey, Alysia Racialized gendered violence: a study about violence against black women and genocide in Brazil 2014 MA
Marquez, Mayra Payments for ecosystem services: opportunities and challenges in the Brazilian Amazon 2013 MA/MPAff
Marquez Marquez, Alejandro Chihuahua’s missing labor movement : the role of emotions in maquiladora work 2013 MA/MGPS
Martinez, Lorena M. Brazil's whiteness unveiled: a discussion on race with Cooperifa participants, Capelinha residents and Universidade Federal de Bahia (UFBA) students and professors 2010 MA
Martinez, Vanessa Hope Debating legality in Fremont, Nebraska: migrant political participation and the growing trend of local immigration enforcement 2012 MA/MS
McGue, Mary Colleen Examining transportation's role in social vulnerability: São Paulo, Brazil 2011 MA/MS
McQueen, George Genung Heritage tourism in Latin America: cultural routes and the legacy of Simón Bolívar in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela 2011 MA/MS
Medel, Monica Cristina Bleeding Mexico: an analysis of cartels evolution and drug-related bloodshed 2012 MA/MPAff
Miranda García, Perla Recuperando nuestro idioma: language revitalization of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya Zapotec 2014 MA
Molina, Luciana Natalia From Bolivar to Katari : indigenous representations in the legislative assembly of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, 2012 2013 MA
Mora-Brito, Daniel Ignacio Between social harmony and political dissonance: the institutional and policy-based intracacies of the Venezuelan system of children and youth orchestras 2011 MA
Neumann, Pamela Jane "Era un pleito": gender dynamics and the politics of immediate needs in Loma Verde, Nicaragua 2011 MA
Nichols, Denton Patrick Justica en reforma: a diagnostic of Mexico's criminal procedure reform in early-implementer jursidictions 2011 MA/JD
O'Brien, Elizabeth Aislinn Measuring maternal worth: racial science in Mexican obstetrics, 1869-1936 2012 MA
Osorio, Jessica Rosalyn The privatizaton of social suffering in a Guatemalan finca 2012 MA
Paiz Aragón, Lorena Rescuing our cultural past: Santa Isabel and the archaeological rescue projects in Guatemala City 2014 MA
Palacios, Albert Anthony Preventing heresy: censorship and privilege in sixteenth-century Mexican publishing 2013 MA
Perera, Daniel Alejandro The ends of recognition: elite retrenchment and the rise of a post-multicultural governance project in neoliberal Guatemala 2013 MA
Pérez Santiago, Mariel Institutionalized amnesia: the (mis)representation of paramilitarism in Colombia 2013 MA
Perrine, Alida Louisa (Self) representations of domestic workers: race and gender politics in Brazil 2013 MA
Preciado Rodriguez, Nancy Aurelia Water dispossession at the Llano en Llamas : a research study by a daughter of Mexican farmworkers in the land of her consciousness 2013 MA
Ramirez, Allison Marie Human rights strategies in the context of changing political opportunity structures: the case of two transnational networks in El Salvador 2012 MA/MGPS
Richardson, Natalie Lila Bolivan Andean textiles, commercialization and modernity 2013 MA
Rizzo Lara, Rosario Developing alternative markets in Veracruz : the case of totomoxtle 2012 MA
Rodriguez, Claudia Ana Women's empowerment programs as advocacy tools for potential human trafficking victims 2010 MA
Rojas, Roxana Jaquelyn Las complejidades del retorno: a Xicana perspective on the social impacts of U.S. deportations in Mexico 2012 MA
Román-Ramírez, Edwin René Living the sacred landscape: the process of abandonment of the Early Classic Maya group of El Diablo at El Zotz, Petén, Guatemala 2011 MA
Romero, Lynn Cycles of denial: US reception of drug-war refugees from Mexico through the asylum system 2014 MA
Schaefer, David M. "It was the doing of the '6-Sky' lord": an investigation of the origins and meaning of the three stones of creation in ancient Mesoamerica 2011 MA
Schele, Elaine Day The Untold Story of Alberto Ruz and his Archaeological Excavations at Palenque, México: A Micro- and Macrohistorical Approach 2012 PhD
Serrano, Samantha Lynn Suelen callar: the institutional perceptions and treatments of the sexuality and sexual abuse of people with intellectual and psychological disabilities in Guatemala 2011 MA
Spangenberg, Emily J. Hacerles creer que hay plomo (Convincing them there is lead): health, environment, and power in Abra Pampa, Argentina 2011 MA
Stoner, Spencer Winston Shooting the morro: favela documentaries and the politics of meaning 2013 MA
Straubhaar, Rolf Jacob "Tienes que Poner Atención: the benefits and drawbacks of Mexican immigrant students' previous academic experiences in an urban central Texas school 2010 MA
Stringer, Lindsey Michelle The LGBTQ movement in Argentina: a study of activists in Córdoba 2010 MA
Tapia Arce, Angela The Kakataibo indigenous peoples: the sense of belonging 2013 MA
Torres, Adam J. Wastewater expenditure effects on in-stream bacteria pollution in the Rio Grande / Río Bravo post-NAFTA : evidence from panel data estimations 2014 MA/MPAff
Torres, Dalila Noleto Affirmative action in Brazil: affirmation or denial? 2012 MA
Usher, Kelly Ann Patterns of privilege: school inputs in Brazil 2012 MA/MGPS
Vail, Meghan Elizabeth Media cold warriors of Operation Pedro Pan: examining the impact of U.S. Cold War rhetoric on contemporary U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba 2011 MA/MPAff
Van Dembroucke, Celina Absent yet still present: Family pictures in Argentina's recordatorios 2010 MA
Van Horn, Ross D. Holding Brazilian mayors accountable: evidence for retrospective voting in Brazilian social policy 2014 MA/MGPS
Vavrus, Joseph Edward Economic research institutions, policy discourse, and channels of influence in Brazil (1995-2005) 2010 MA
Victoria, Nashielly Developing the rural landscape: sustainability efforts through women home gardens in a Yucatec Maya community 2011 MA
Wahlberg, Molly Anne A project for tourism development in the Serra Gaúcha 2013 MA
Wallace, Joseph Brandt Outward appearance, inward perceptions: preservation of identity among K'ichee' women 2011 MA
Whitworth, Gregory Brian Remembering remains: the texture of memory in post-Proceso Argentina 2011 MA
Woodward, Nicholas Joel De un Día al otro: expression and effects of changing ideology in national curriculum and pedagogy in Nicaraguan secondary schools 2011 MA
Xum Palacios, Brenda Estela Lights and shadows of the education reform process in Bolivia and Guatemala 2014 MA
Zegarra-Coronado, Aurea Gabriela Adaptive capcity & resilience to natural disasters in Latin America: a case study on the 2007 Ica, Peru earthquake 2011 MA

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