Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Matías Romero Visiting Scholars Program

The Matías Romero Visiting Scholars Program was originally created in 2003 as the Matías Romero Chair in Mexican Studies through an educational and research cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Mexico and UT Austin. Its purpose is to promote the presence and participation of distinguished Mexicans from the public and private sectors, as well as from academia, to foster greater understanding of Mexican culture and society.

For more information, and to apply, visit the Matías Romero VSP Call 2019–20 online application form (English). 

Contact: Mariela García, 512.471.8418.

The Mexican government's commitment to academic collaboration with UT Austin led to the renewal and reformulation of the Matías Romero Agreement on July 9, 2015. The reformulated agreement has the objective of advancing a shared vision of innovative research that will promote basic scientific and humanistic discovery, as well as new knowledge applied for practical ends on topics that both Mexico and Texas identify as high priority.

The current Matías Romero Visiting Scholars Program is open to any discipline, from the STEM fields to Humanities and Social Sciences, and will support up to ten (10) projects each academic year.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry selected the following Mexican scholars for the Matías Romero grant in July 2017:

  • Itzel García Toledo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, ESSEX. “Mexican-German Relations in the Context of the Cristero Rebellion” (Collaborator: Dr. Matthew Butler, Department of History)
  • Edgar Edmundo Lanz Sánchez, Tecnológico de México, Instituto Tecnológico de Guaymas, “Development of a Water Resource Plan for the Rio Matape–Arroyo Guaymas Basin Located in the Central-Sonora, Mexico”(Collaborator: Dr. Carlos E. Ramos-Scharrón, Department of Geography and the Environment)
  • Julia Gallegos Guajardo, Universidad de Monterrey, “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Emotion Regulation Processes: Moderating Role of Cultural Values in a Mexican and American Sample”(Collaborator: Dr. Manuel Ramírez III, Department of Psychology)
  • Bruno Cruz Petit, Universidad Motolinía del Pedregal, México D.F., “El espacio en la obra de Gabriel García Márquez”(Collaborator: Prof. Nerea Feliz, School of Architecture)
  • Francisco Javier García de León, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste, CIBNOR, “Interdisciplinary Research on Human and Endangered Species Sustainability Issues in Shared Coahuila-Texas Aquifers”(Collaborator: Dr. Dean A. Hendrickson, Department of Integrative Biology)
  • Antonio Hernández Espriú, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, “Will Hydraulic Fracturing Limit Water Use for People and Irrigation within Shale Gas Plays in Mexico?(Collaborator: Dr. Michael H. Young, Bureau of Economic Geology)     
  • Miriam Grunstein, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, CIDE, “The New Law of the Land: Energy, Development, and Social Justice in Mexico after the Energy Reform”(Collaborator: Dr. Michelle Foss, Center for Energy Economics)
  • Berenice Ochoa Nogales, Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (CIAD), CONACYT, “Problemática de salud y justicia ambiental en población infantil expuesta a agroquímicos en Sonora, México” (Collaborator: Dr. Rajinder Koul, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • María A. Vargas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, “Cellulose-Based Nanocomposite Fiber and Fabric as Biomedical Materials”(Collaborator: Dr. Jonathan Chen, School of Human Ecology)
  • Jorge Yeverino Juárez, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, “Strategic Guidelines to Foster the Creation of University Spin Offs in Mexico: Lessons Learned from the Innovation Ecosystem around the University of Texas at Austin” (Collaborator: Dr. David Gibson, IC2 Institute)

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