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Department of Psychology

A Pathway to Addressing Institutional Racism: REACT 2020

University of Texas at Austin Department of Psychology

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Society (IDEAS) Initiative

reactThe Department of Psychology at UT Austin has had limited success in recruiting Black, Brown and Indigenous students and faculty.  We need to be more directed and effective in our efforts to create an academic and social environment that will attract diverse students and faculty and a plan to implement changes to recruitment, admissions and hiring that will address this expression of institutional racism.  We also need to create a communication infrastructure to effectively receive input and suggestions and communicate efforts and plans.  The Department of Psychology at UT Austin proposes to implement a REACT (Recruitment, Empowerment, Admissions, Conversation, Training) strategy. The actions outlined in REACT are intended to be steps that create an infrastructure that better supports the objectives of addressing institutional racism.  Evaluation of the effectiveness of this strategy will be conducted annually.

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  • targeted recruitment and retention of diverse faculty through hiring priorities and faculty support
  • focus on addition of research programs that focus on diversity and diverse populations
  • develop recruiting strategies for attracting a diverse applicant pool to the graduate program


  • ensuring minority students and faculty have a voice in decision-making and departmental planning
  • providing immersive skills and knowledge development to incoming and current graduate students
  • support reporting and intolerance of racism


  • remove barriers to a diverse graduate application pool through waiver of standardized tests
  • promote awareness and reduction of bias and racism during the admissions process
  • create a sense of community for current graduate students and for prospective students during recruitment visits


  • develop an infrastructure for sharing ideas and concerns and promoting a partnership between faculty and students in shaping priorities
  • create opportunities for graduate students to share and discuss their ideas and resources with each other


  • mandatory training for faculty on the history of racism and how it impacts academia and society
  • inclusive classroom training to promote best practices to create a supportive teaching environment
  • integration of the topic of racism in course content and course offerings


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