Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Developmental Psychology Faculty

Rebecca Bigler, Professor  |  (512) 471-9917  |  SEA 5.250
Education:  Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Interests:    Social cognition in children, gender role development, and racial stereotyping

Jessica Church-Lang, Assistant Professor  |  512-475-7009  |  SEA 3.230
Education:  Ph.D., Washington University at St. Louis
Interests:    Brain networks, development of task control, development of reading, developmental disorders, neuroimaging

Catharine H Echols, Associate Professor  |  (512) 471-4879  |  SEA 5.220
Education:  Ph.D., University of Illinois
Interests:    Cognitive development and language acquisition

Judith H Langlois, Charles and Sarah Seay Regents' Professor, Executive Vice President and Provost of UT Austin, ad interim  |  (512) 471-9916  |  SEA 4.230
Education:  Ph.D., Louisiana State University
Interests:    Developmental psychology, social and personality development, and infancy

Cristine H Legare, Associate Professor | SEA 5.216
Education:  Ph.D., University of Michigan
Interests:    Cognitive development, cultural learning, cognitive evolution

Alison R Preston, Associate Professor  |  (512) 475-7255  |  NHB 3.352
Education:  Ph.D., Stanford University
Interests:    Cognitive neuroscience of memory, memory development in children and adolescence, functional neuroimaging

Katharine Tillman, Assistant Professor  |  (512) 471-1157  |  SEA 5.224
Education:  Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Interests:    Conceptual development and abstraction in young children, Psychology of time, Cognitive development of language and thought

Jacqueline D Woolley, Professor  |  (512) 471-5196  |  SEA 5.212
Education:  Ph.D., University of Michigan
Interests:    Conceptual development in preschool and elementary school children, concept of mind, and fantasy-reality distinction

David S Yeager, Assistant Professor  |  (512) 471-1846  |  SEA 5.104
Education:  Ph.D., Stanford University
Interests:    Social-cognitive development, Motivation, Aggression, Adolescence, Research methodology, and Psychological intervention

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