College of Liberal Arts

2021 Virtual Humanities Research Symposium

Friday, April 16, 10:00am–12:00pm

For more information about each talk, please read the presentation abstracts here.


10:00am: Welcome, Ann Huff Stevens, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

10:05am: Introduction, Pauline Turner Strong, Director, Humanities Institute

10:10am: Presenter Lightning Talks

10:30am: Breakout Group Sessions

Group 1

10:30am: Janine Barchas, Department of English
The Lost Books of Jane Austen

10:50am: J.K. Barret, Department of English
Pandora's Clock

11:10am: Deborah Beck, Department of Classics
Telling a good story in ancient Greek epic poetry

11:30am: Vladislav Beronja, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Archival Margins: How Writers and Artists Remember History in the Former Yugoslavia

Group 2

10:30am: Courtney Handman, Department of Anthropology
Languages at the Limits of the Human: Colonial and Technological Re-inventions of Speech

10:50am: Jonathan Kaplan, Department of Middle Eastern Studies
The Biblical Jubilee and Ancient Utopian Visions of Liberty in Early Judaism and Christianity

11:10am: Julia Mickenberg, Department of American Studies and Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Significant Evidence and Evidence of Significance in Eve Merriam’s Archive

Group 3

10:30am: Joan H. Neuberger, Departments of History and Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Montage at a New Stage: Eisenstein’s Immersion in Nature, Art, and the World

10:50am: Cory A. Reed, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Empathy and the Indigenous Other in Early Modern Spanish Performance

11:10pm: Sônia Roncador, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
The Color of Servitude: White Criadas and the Servant Crisis in Brazil

12:00pm: End of Symposium

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