College of Liberal Arts

Research & Graduate Studies

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Under the leadership of Associate Dean Robert Crosnoe, the Office of Research & Graduate Studies provides support for faculty and graduate students seeking external research funding and steers College policies on graduate programs.

For more information about what we do, please visit the pages dedicated to each area in our portfolio. 


Grants Services

Our office provides comprehensive grant-submission assistance to faculty and graduate students. Grant seeking is an integral part of an academic career, and we support faculty and students as they navigate the often complex grant application process, create compelling proposals, and develop long-term funding plans.


Graduate Studies

In addition to steering College policies, our office participates in the university-wide conversation about graduate student parental accommodations, dissertation embargo, funding, professional development, placement targets, and more. We investigate college, university, and national data on graduate education, design and offer professional development opportunities for graduate students, and monitor practices for student recruitment and support with fellowships and employment in academic job titles.