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Why learn a language?

There are many reasons to learn a language.

  • Speaking another language can open up new cultures, giving you opportunities to engage with other people when you travel, and to enjoy music, film, and other cultural products from abroad.
  • Employers value speakers of other languages, especially if you work for an international company or a firm with clients overseas. In this video, Liberal Arts Career Services interim director, Tatem Oldham, discusses the importance of world languages in the workplace.


  • Learning a language is a satisfying challenge, and studies even suggest that speaking another language can improve your brain health, and reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • You have to... Many UT degree programs have a required language component. We hope our virtual World Languages Day site helps you find a language to not only meet that obligation, but will provide you with opportunities and enjoyment for the rest of your life!

This short video from Dr. Thomas J. Garza, director of the Texas Language Center, describes how studying a world language can help your future.