How to Add New Users to the COLA Web Editor

There are two ways to give people access to the COLA Web Editor:

  1. You can delegate items in your dashboard to colleagues,
  2. or you can add new users to a faculty, staff, or grad student list. Read on to learn how to do the latter.


Add New Users

1. Log in to the COLA Web Editor and go to your dashboard. All of the offices you are affiliated with will appear in your dashboard. Each office will have its own staff, faculty and grad student lists—these are the three roles that you can assign to somebody. Click on the blue button of the list you want to add a person to.

2. Click on the add button at the top-right of the list.


3. Search for UT EID of the person you want to add and click the add button.

  • Note: if typing in the EID does not present any results, the EID may have been restricted from the public directory. To solve this, please use the UT Registrar's Restrict My Info tool to reverse the account restrictions.


That person will now have an affiliation (also called a role) with that office, which will allow them to log in to the editor and edit items (like their profile) in their dashboard.

To remove somebody’s affiliation or role, search for the office and select the faculty, staff, or graduate student list of the user you want to remove. Use the search bar at the top to find the person, then delete them from the list by clicking the red ‘X’ beside their name.

Obtaining a UT EID

If you cannot add someone to the COLA Web Editor because they do not have a UT EID please refer to the following link to obtain one: