How to create a box upload widget

You can embed the Box Upload Widget into a webpage using the html source code button in Cascade.

Note: Support for this workaround is limited, as this implementation is not fully supported.

The Upload Widget allows users to embed a UT Box interface onto any website that supports HTML embed code. Only UT Box folder “owners” can use this feature. Through the widget, files can be uploaded to a specific folder in your box. It is useful for if your business requires customers/associates to send files without requiring them to log in or create and account.

Moreover, for users on incognito mode, this method may be used so that the files are still viewable by them. Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue. 

Step One: Configuring a New Folder within UT Box

Create a new folder in your Box by selecting “New” and “Folder”. Name your folder and click “Create”.

Step Two: Copying the HTML Code

Navigate to the “More Options” drop down menu by hovering over the right of your folder. In the menu, go to “More Actions” and “Embed Widget”.

Copy the “Embed Code”.

Step Three: Pasting the Code into Cascade

Navigate to the page you wish to embed the Widget onto in Cascade and click “edit”. In the main-body-content section, select the “Source Code” button (“< >”). In the editing window that pops up, paste the copied HTML code. Click Ok.

Note: The code will NOT display the widget in the main-body-content text editor, but it will load in the actual live page. Be careful to not accidentally delete code. If you believe you have deleted some code, reopen the Source Code editor, delete the code and re-paste.

OPTIONAL: In Box, you can move your folder to a shared department area so that others can also access the uploads. Once in the shared accounts folder, you will no longer have access to the upload widget option.

As new files are uploaded through the widget, you will be able to access them through your UT Box.