How to embed a video hosted in Box

You can use your UT Box account to host video content, which will allow you to embed that content in Canvas without using up any of your storage space.

Please Note: Currently, the functionality to lock files and prevent their download by students is not working. Hence, there is no way to prevent students from downloading work that is streaming from UT Box.

Step 1: Sign in to Your UT Box Account

Access UT BOX HERE (Links to an external site.). Use your UT EID and password to log in.

Box login

Once logged in, click (1) "New..." and (2) select New Folder. Name this folder something that will let you know this folder contains your video files. Then click (3) Upload.

upload video

Step 2: Upload Video Files Drag & Drop your video files into the box upload interface.

select video file

Step 3: Access Embed Code for Video File Click on the box with three dots in it next to the word "Share."

 Access embed code

From the menu, select More Actions and then from the resulting sub-menu select Embed Widget.


Step 4: Copy Embed Code

Optional: You can customize (1) the embed code of the video, which will change its size and appearance on your page.

After you have selected your preferred size and theme, highlight and copy the embed code from the Embed code box.

copy code

Step 5: Click on Insert/Edit Media 

Go into the post where you want to insert the video. Click the Insert/Edit Media button. Paste your code into the Embed tab.

Click OK and Save Changes.



The end result result will look something like this: 

An example

Viewing Video on Incognito Modes

Due to Box’s sharing permissions, Google Incognito users viewing a page with an embedded Box file may not be able to see the video. Please be sure to note this on your site when you embed a video or be required to log-in in order to see the video. To avoid this issue, when you want to embed a video on your Cascade page, add an Upload Widget for your Box video folder. Use the instructions on this page: How to create a box upload widget The Upload Widget allows users to embed a UT Box interface onto any website that supports HTML embed code.

***Only UT Box folder “Owners” can use this feature. Through the widget, files can be uploaded to a specific folder in your box.