How to Add a Box Widget to Your Page

If you want visitors on your site to be able to upload files to a publicly accessible Box folder, a good way to do that is to embed a File Request Widget directly in your Cascade site. 

The widget lets anyone drop files into your Box folder. It will look like this:

Step One: Customize Your Widget 


Log in to UT Box with your UT EID and password.


Find the folder you want to share. Right-click it and select File Request.


In the box that pops up you will see options to customize your widget. You can also preview the widget to check what it will look like.


Step Three: Copy the Embed Code

When you're happy with your widget, copy the embed code:


Step Four: Paste the Embed Code in Cascade

Go to your page in Cascade.

In the content editor, select the button to insert media.


Go to the Embed tab and paste the embed code. Click Ok.


Click Save & Preview to preview the widget on your page, then press Submit and Publish to finalize your changes.