Embedding Spreadsheets from Box

Learn how to embed an Excel or Google Spreadsheet from Box folder to Cascade site. These embedded spreadsheets allow the users to perform some functionalities (i.e. sorting) within the site.

Note: please keep in mind that if the owner of the Box account to which the spreadsheet is linked leave UT, their Box account will be terminated, and the embed will no longer work.

  1. Click "Embed Widget" in the Box spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheet) you'd like to embed.embed-widget-1
  2.  This window will pop up. You can adjust the sizing as you like, as seen in the image. I chose Large for this example. Then whenever you are ready, click "Copy." embed-widget-2
  3. Navigate to Cascade and into the site you'd like to embed the sheet. Click Edit. Then in the "Main Content" editing section, click "Source Code." embed-widget-3
  4. Paste the embed code you have copied earlier. embed-widget-4
  5. Click Ok, then Submit, and Publish. It might take a little bit for your Cascade site to be updated.