How to Add a PDF, Video, or Other Media from UT Box

Learn how to add a link to a downloadable PDF, image, video or any other media file to a page in Cascade. 

First, you'll need to store the PDF in UT Box. UT Box is a university-wide file sharing system that will let you host any type of file. It will give you a shareable link which will let anyone view and download the PDF.

There are two types of shareable links:

Share Link

Anyone with this link will be redirected to a page where they can view the file in UT Box. You can set this link to “View Only” or “View and Download.”

Direct Link

The direct link will start a download on the same page without redirecting.

Step One: Upload Your PDF to UTBox 

First, go to UTBox and log in with your UT EID and password.

Search for the folder you want to upload your PDF to.

Note: If you use a personal folder or create a folder, make sure to share the folder with your colleagues so that the files aren’t accidentally deleted or lost. Or you can save the PDF directly to your office’s folder.

Then drag and drop the PDF into the folder.



Step Two: Get a Shareable Link

Once you’ve uploaded the PDF, click the "Share" button on the far right.

In the box that pops up, click the button to enable the shared link.

This first link is the “Share Link,” which will redirect the page to UT Box. From the dropdown, select either “Can view and download” or “Can view only.”

To get a direct link, click on the blue “Link Settings” button and then copy the link at the bottom. This type of link will start an automatic download without redirecting the page.

Note: Whichever link you choose (Direct or Share), you'll have to make sure that on the link settings page you uncheck the box that says “Disable Shared Link on” so the link doesn’t expire (this is an automatic setting, so you’ll need to do this every time you link from UT Box). Click “Save” to update these settings before you copy the link.

Step Three: Insert the Link into Cascade

Log in to Cascade and find the page you want to edit in the Units folder. Go to the section called body-content, then the subsection content-editor to add content to the main body of the page.

Add a Direct Link to Your Box-Hosted File

To add a hyperlink to your page that will start a download on the same page (e.g. if you want to add a downloadable syllabus to your page), highlight the words you want to become a hyperlink and click the insert link button.

In the box that pops up, check that the link source is external and paste the direct link from UT Box into the “Link” field.



You can add an image the same way--click the Insert/edit image button, check external image source, and paste a direct link from UT Box.

Or, if you want to add a video to your page, click on the button Insert/edit media, then paste a direct link in the "Source" field. The video will play directly on your page without redirecting.

When you're done, click Preview & Save, then Submit and Publish.