How to Change the Name of a Folder

Find out how to rename folders in Cascade so the correct name shows up in the navigation bar of your website.

Step One: Go to Your Site in Cascade

Log in to Cascade CMS. All COLA sites are contained within the units folder. Click on "Go to a site" in the top-left of your screen, search "units," then select your office's folder from the list.


Make sure only the parent folder (with your office's name) is selected by checking your path toward the top of the page.

Step Two: Naming Your Folder

Every folder in Cascade has two names: a display name and a folder name.

  • The Display Name is the name that shows up in the navigation bar of your site.
  • The Folder Name is only visible within Cascade CMS (it won't be published to your site).

Change the Display Name

Select the folder, then click the edit button in the top-right.

Under metadata, change the display name. This name will show up in the navigation of your website.

Under properties, make sure that "Include when indexing," and "Include when publishing" are both checked so the folder will be published and added to the navigation of your site.

Click the submit button when you're done, then publish the folder to make your changes go live.

Change the Folder Name 

Select the folder, then click the more (...) button in the top-right.

Choose "rename" from the dropdown menu, then enter a new page name. The folder name must be lowercase, with hyphens instead of spaces.