How to Change the Name of a Page

Pages have four names that you can edit:

  • Display Name
  • Page Name
  • Page Headline
  • Title

If you're getting an error message on a page that used to work, you may need to double check that the page name is formatted correctly. If you need to change the name of a page that shows up in the navigation bar of your site, you should change the display name.

Read on to learn more about each type of name and how they're different.


Step One: Go to Your Site in Cascade

Log in to Cascade CMS. All COLA sites are contained within the units folder. Click on "Go to a site" in the top-left of your screen, search "units," then select your office's folder from the list.

Step Two: Naming Your Page

Change the Display Name

The display name is the name that will appear in the navigation bar (left sidebar) of your website. To change it, go to the page and click on the edit button.

Under the content tab, enter a display name for your page. Click "Save & Preview" when you're done.

Note: Make sure your page is included in the index when you publish it, otherwise it will be missing from the navigation bar. Go to the configure tab and check both "include when indexing" and "include when publishing."

Change the Page Headline

The page headline is the text that will be displayed at the top of the page (it's separate from the display name, page name, and title).

Go to the page and click on the edit button. Under content, edit the section called Page Headline which is a subsection of main-body. Enter your headline in the text field, then click "Save & Preview."

Change the Page Name

The page name is a lowercase, hyphenated name which will become the system name used within Cascade. It will also be added to the end of the site's URL. (These are the only places it will be visible). 

Note: Every folder's homepage should be listed under the page name "index"; this name should never be changed.

Go to the page and click on the more (...) tab in the upper-right. Click and "rename" and enter a new page name. 

Note: The URL won't be updated until you publish your page. Make sure to publish it again after changing the page name.

Change the Title (Optional)

The title only affects search results listings and will be prefaced by "UT College of Liberal Arts:" It can help people find pages easier, but isn't necessary--you can leave it blank.

Go to the page, click the edit button, and go to the metadata tab. Enter a title for your page, then click "Save & Preview."

Check that the title updated by hovering over the menu tab in your browser.