How to Hide Navigation Sidebar Items

When you hide a page or folder, the content will still be published, but won't be visible in the left navigation sidebar. However, the page or folder is still accessable by having the URL. Hiding content is useful if...
  • You want to add a link to a page, but don't want the page to appear in your site's navigation
  • You want to work on a page privately before adding it to your site's navigation


Step One: Find the Folder/Page Under 'Units'

Once you find the folder (or page) to be removed, right-click on it and select Edit.

Step Two: Remove the Folder/Page From the Index

In the editing menu, go to the Properties tab. Uncheck the box thats says Include When Indexing

This will allow you to publish the folder or page without including it in the index—which means it will be hidden from the navigation of your site, and you will only be able to access the content if you have the URL.

Make sure to Save, Submit and Publish the parent folder so that the navigation updates on all the pages.


EXTRA: General Anatomy of Navigation Sidebar, What Cannot Be Hidden, and Additional Items


Sometimes, the "index" page is also visible on the published site. When a new folder is created, a default index page is included with it. Please do not attempt to remove the index page. Removal of this page might delete your entire Cascade site.


If you wish to hide this page from the main navigation bar, please follow the steps outlined above to not include this page when indexing. It will still be visible in your Cascade editor, however it will no longer appear in the published site.