How to Edit the Main Image and Text

Each department's website has a homepage. In Cascade, you can find these pages by referring to each department's "index" page. Every homepage should have a banner image accompanied by text. 

Step One: Navigating to the Page in Cascade 

To access the main page, navigate to the unit/office folder and select the "index" page. 

Step Two: Editing the Page and Main Image

Once you've found the index page, click "Edit" to open the editing box and start editing the homepage.

When you are in the editing window, navigate to the "select-section-to-edit" option. From the dropdown menu select "main-image."

Step Three: Editing the Information in "Main-Image"

Note: You will not have access to change the main image of your homepage. If you would like to do so, email Suloni Roberston at with a 900 pixel image. If you'd like a custom-designed banner, you can request that a Student Technology Assistant create one for you.

You can make changes to the text displayed on your banner image. The following elements can be changed:

Screen Reader Text

A screen reader is a software application that identifies and interprets what is being displayed on the screen. The interpretation can be represented to the user with text-to-speech, sound icons, or a Braille output device. (e.g., When a user hovers over the main image of the anthropology page, the screen reader says "Department of Anthropology." 


This option allows you to choose the alignment of the text header and subheader. Your text can be either left or right-aligned (notice that the anthropology banner has right-aligned text).

Text-Header and Text-Header-Background

Name the header and choose its background color. Select which ever color you think best compliments the main image but also makes the header text most readable.


Name the subheader, which will be displayed on a white background.


Here you have the option to embed a link into the text of the subheader. Paste a URL or leave the field blank.

Step Four: Publish the Page 

When you're done editing the main image, click "Save & Preview" to save a draft of your page, then "Submit" to permanently save your changes, then click "Publish" to add your page to the publishing queue.