How to Navigate to a Page

Step One: Navigating to the Parent Folder

After logging in, you will be directed to your dashboard. In the upper left corner, there is a search bar labeled, “Go to a Site”. This is where you can search for and access folders.

First, select the drop down arrow on the “Go to a Site” search bar and select “units” or “dean” out of the options that appear.

Once you are directed to the units or dean folder, you will see folders on the left side bar. Each folder represents the various offices/units of COLA that are on the website. Select the department that contains the page you wish to edit.

Step Two: Navigating Through the Parent Folder

In the parent folder, scroll through the subfolders and pages to find the page or folder.


Step One: Looking at the page's URL 

You can also find a page in Cascade based on what you see on the COLA website by looking at its URL. The URL will tell you exactly where you can find a certain page.

Step Two: Finding the Parent Folder and Page on Cascade

Based on the site URL, navigate to the folder and page in the same way as described in steps one and two above. In this example, the parent folder would be “anthropology” and the page would be “giving”.