How to Edit Display Title and Categories of a User

Every faculty, staff member and graduate student must list a display title (your job title or status at the university). Use the COLA Web Editor to edit display titles and select categories.

Step One: Find the User in the Cola Web Editor

Use your UT EID to log in to the COLA Web Editor.

Go to your dashboard and select the type of user list you want to edit. This will take you to a page that lists the faculty, staff or graduate students in that office. 


 Select the user and click the edit button to view their info.

Step Two: Navigate to User Details

At the bottom of the page there will be a section labeled with the User’s office and title. Click the down arrow to view and edit additional user details. 

Step Three: Edit Display Title and select User Categories

Update the Display Title for the User and select a Group Area to assign the User a category. Click the Save button to secure your changes. To insure your changes were saved, visit the User’s webpage to view the display name and category filters selected. 

Categories are used to filter faculty members and graduate students on the site for easier searching. Staff members can edit the filter categories in the COLA Web Editor—find out how.