How to Edit Faculty Categories

Faculty and members of the office web staff can add and update categories as needed through the COLA Web Editor. The categories will be used to filter faculty members on the department's website. 


Step One: Locate Department Details

Use your UT EID to log in to the COLA Web Editor.

Go to your dashboard and click the ‘edit office’ button that looks like an eye. This will take you to a page that lists the department details as well as Fields of Study and Categories.

Step Two: Edit, Add and Remove Categories

Note the ’Add’ button to the right of Categories and the ‘X’ or delete button beside each listed category. To update a specific category, click the ‘Edit’ button. 

Step Three: Update Category Items

Under ‘Edit Category,’ rename categories and select which user group it applies to. Additionally, you may add, edit and remove category options under ‘Items.’ Don’t forget to save!

Step Four: Select New Category

Note that when adding faculty categories, you’ll need to visit each faculty member’s dashboard and select the new category.