How to Edit a Profile

In your profile, you have the option to add contact information, interests, biography, and on the right sidebar, your curriculum vitae, profile pages and external links.

If you want to update your profile image submit a photo to the LAITS online form, found here.

Faculty and Graduate Student View

Step One: Finding Your Profile

Log into the Web Editor using your UT login credentials.

You will be automatically directed to your Dashboard. You should see a section for your profile like that below. Click on the Blue Eye icon to edit your profile.

Login Problems? First, check that you have a profile in your department's website.  If not, contact your department web administrator.  Second, check that you appear in the UT Directory, a requirement for Web Editor login.  If not, use the UT Registrar's Restrict My Info tool to relax restrictions.  Note that changes to your directory information may take a day to appear.

Still can't log in? Please call 512-471-5000 or email


Step Two: Editing

Once you are on the edit page, you can navigate through the tabs on the top (Courses/External Links/etc.) and change whatever elements you like. Don't forget to save!

Staff View

The following instructions below will go over how to edit profiles from the perspective of a staff member. On the dashboard of the database, you will see the option to edit staff, faculty, and grad students profiles respectively. 

Step 1: Editing Staff Member Profiles

For staff profiles, you will be able to edit first and last name, email, office location, phone number, mail code, display title, label them as course scheduler, or on leave. Once you have filled out this information click "save changes"

Step 2: Editing Profiles for Faculty and Graduate Students

Under the home tab, you are able to edit the first and last name, a CV, their degree, institution of study, email, and their role. Click "save" to keep any changes.


*Be sure to click on the dropdown arrow* to edit primary information such as office location, biography, phone number, etc.


primary information


Under the "courses" tab when you click "add" or "edit" you can place content for any courses they will be teaching. Such as the title of the course, semester, meeting time, and a description.

Under "UG Research" you can include details of the research as active, the title, departments, archive date, start date, duration, and description. Click "add" or "edit" to create this info.

Under External links click "add" to link an outside webpage. Place the wording you want in "Display" and the link in the "URL".

You can also add a custom page under "custom pages". Include a display name and the information on that page.