Profile Editing for Staff in Web Editor


Staff members with the requisite editing permissions are automatically directed to a page called the Dashboard after logging in to the Cola Web Editor.

Log into the Web Editor using your UT login credentials.
The Dashboard shows icons to click for accessing the pages where staff, faculty, and grad students’ profiles can be edited, respectively. 

Login Problems? First, check that you have a profile on your department's website.  If not, contact your department web administrator.  Second, check that you appear in the UT Directory, a requirement for Web Editor login.  If not, use the UT Registrar's Restrict My Info tool to relax restrictions.  Note that changes to your directory information may take a day to appear.

Still can't log in? Please call 512-471-5000 or email



As a staff member, you can edit your own profile and other staff profiles by clicking the blue "Staff" text and icon on your dashboard.

Under a staff profile, you can edit first and last name, email, office location, phone number, mail code, and display title. Additionally, you may label a staff member as a course scheduler or on leave. Once you have filled out this information click "Save changes".



As a staff member, you can also edit Faculty or Graduate Student profiles. 
Click the blue text 
and icons on your dashboard to edit "Faculty" or "Grad Student" profiles.

Home Tab

Under the "Home" tab for faculty and graduate students, you are able to edit the first and last name, a CV, their degree, institution of study, email, and their role. Click "Save" to keep any changes.



Categories are used to filter faculty members and graduate students on the site for quick searching. Staff members can edit the filter categories in the COLA Web Editor—find out how.

At the bottom of the “Home” tab, there is a section labeled with the user’s office and title. Click the "Down Arrow" (highlighted in red below) to edit faculty or grad student details.

Under this tab, you can also edit primary information such as office location, phone number, mail code, tenure, biography, personal quote, interest, and office hours.


You may update the Display Title for the faculty or grad student (job title or status at the university). Under Area, you can select a new group for that person. 

Click the “Save” button to secure your changes. To ensure your changes were saved, visit the Profile directory for your department and try to find the user using the filters you selected for them.


Courses Tab

Under the "Courses" tab, click "Edit" so that you can edit a course for faculty or grad students to have a description and upload or remove a syllabus as well. These are the only edits you can make to under this tab. Click "Save changes" when done.


UG Research Tab

Under the "UG Research" tab, you click "Add"  or "Edit" and edit active status, the title of the research, departments it is in, archive date, start date, duration, and description. You can also edit more details such as the preferred qualifications, weekly time commitment, credit, and alternative contact for more information. Click "Save changes" when done.

External Links Tab

Under the "External Links" tab, you can click "Add" or "Edit" to inserts a link from another site and add a display name for it. Click "Save changes".

Custom Pages Tab

Under the "Custom Pages" tab you can click "Add" or "Edit" to change the title of a page and the content inside of it. This page will appear as an additional page in the default Cascade formatting.

Here are how the edits above appear on a Faculty and Graduate Student Page




As a staff member, you can edit the departmental head by clicking the blue "eye" icon on your dashboard.

Under this window, you can edit their name, email, address of office, zip code, and phone number. Note that all changes here save automaticaly.

Additionally, every faculty and graduate student profile list page has a filtering and grouping mechanism located in a box, at the top of the website profile pages. This filtering mechanism helps to group and filter people by category, right on the web page. See this in action on this web page by using the drop-down selections in the filtering box:

Use the COLA Web Editor to add, remove, and edit filter categories and subcategories. You can edit the categories which enable the filtering and search for people. Find detailed information
 showing how to do this here: Staff members can edit the filter categories in the COLA Web Editor—find out how.